Monday, June 15, 2015

Crazy Days

Okay, here are the updates and funny stories of the week..
First of all, Cesar Omar is HOME. they came home early from Costa Rica and I was so surprised and way excited. He's doing great, didn't do anything bad during the trip haha and we are super proud and happy for him.

Okay so June 12 was one of those crazy days.
We had a great lesson with Melani, 13 years old, super cute and so excited to learn about the gospel.
Then we went to teach Flor, a contact in the Street, and we've been passing by like for 2 weeks but she's always busy. We walk in and her husband is like laying on the couch watching tv and she kept asking him to come listen but he's straight up like nope not gonna do it. We felt a little awkward  but started teaching. He left the room and it was a good lesson, feeling the spirit. Then comes in Flor's mother in law, completely drunk and she starts talking to us and it was hilarious but obviously the lesson ended there. It was just a ridiculous situation, I felt bad for Flor because she was super embarrassed but we just laughed and left.
Then we stopped by a Little Tiendita to grab some wáter and I bought two of these Little Candy things. Didn't know what they were, thought it was cherry flavored gummys, nope I took one bite and it tasted exactly what alcohol smells like. nastyyyy hahhah I think Flor's mother in law had some influence on me. yikes haha you gotta be careful with what you buy here.

Sunday was pretty tough as no one came to church. We had one person show up but we didn't know who she was, hopefully we can find her and start teaching. but yeah it's always hard when you work hard and things don't happen.

All is good out here though!Today we went to the Zocalo and had a blast, it's in the centro of the ciudad. took lots of pictures at the wax mueseam... super fun p-day.  I will send them next week as the internet café won't let me download them for some reason.

hermana schenider

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