Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 27 Loving IT!

Chasing some chickens
The day before our diet

Okay so this week has been great!!
My companion and I are so similar. Our personalities are super alike. So it's a blast and I'm learning a TON about myself haha. It's been kinda funny, because we both get annoyed at the same things, and I've realized that sometimes I can be an annoying person. It's pretty divine revelation that we are together because I've learned a lot. but it's good because we also get over things really fast, like one minute we are annoyed but the next we are laughing so it's all been really good :)
We had some pretty amazing experiences.
Idk if  I told you, but after tons of time without seeing her, Guillermina showed up to church last week. I turned around during sacrament and saw her and almost had a freak out. She is so cool.
Long story short, she hasn't had a place to live these past months, and was living with a less active.. but obviously that's not good so we taught her chastity and explained why she couldn't be living with someone even if they weren't dating. She accepted that, and went out to the DF to look for work to be able to get enough to rent a room somewhere. She comes back, starts working here as a security guard in Walmart, but works Sundays. She quits the job to be able to go to church, and just showed up. 
She is the most humble, trusting person I've known. It's incredible to me, we went to get her interview done on Wednesday, and we started singing a hymn. I asked her what her favorite was, and its 55, Dios da Valor. it's so perfect, she has no idea what's going to happen in the future, how she's going to find work and be able to support her 5 kids on her own, but she trusts completely in God.
Her baptismal service was really special. Tons of members came and we felt the spirit super strong. There was just a lot of love and support in the room, and she was so excited, laughing and letting out little ahhhhh screams haha. 
A really happy Sunday :)
Oh and one of the members adopted my dog max from the street, and we saw him on Sunday too.  
casi tengo el nopal en la frente 
(I'm so Mexican)
When we celebrated how old we are in months:(

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Conferencia de Zona Lerma-Zitácuaro

Bautismo de Guille :)

June 20 Eating Rabbit

This week was so good. it POURED every single day haah which was ridiculous, we also went and worked with the Hermanas in Zitacuaro Michoacan all day thursday so we didn't have a ton of time in our area. But wow Michoacan is so so pretty. super green and pueblo , I loved it.
and idk its just really been good with my companion, Hermana Ramirez. She and I are VERY similar, it's crazy, so we get along really well, and just laugh all day.
Sunday was so good. We are working with two little families, and they have baptism dates for July. Martin and Cristina are a really awesome couple and they have a little girl who is 3 and so precious. and Norma and her son and the son's girlfriend (we need to get them married) are really excited about everything we've been teaching.
Oh it was so funny, we showed up at Norma's house on Saturday, and found them outside killing a bunny to eat, so we watched them skin it and open it up and everything. It was kinda sad but also super interesting because I was just trying to identify the anatomy of the little bunny the whole time.  Then they invited us over on Sunday to eat it with them and it was delish.

I'm so happy. It's been a blast this week
I love you guys so much. cant believe I'll be home a month from today.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

June 15 Saying goodbye to President Whitehead and his Wife

My companion and I, she's from Sonora, super cute. She goes  home in August

This week was crazy for me, we said goodbye to Presidente in Concilio Monday and then in conferences Tuesday.  He leaves in two weeks, but I won't see him or Hermana Whitehead again.  So crazy, because I always thought that I would leave with president, now he's going  home, so that means that time is ticking for me. ahhh

I literally love my new companion, Hermana Ramirez SO much. Its been a really fun week and a half, we get along super good and she's really fun hah. lots of laughs 

We are looking for new people to teach. Its been raining every day so we keep getting soaked. We found a cool couple, Martin y Cristina, and they have a fecha for my last Sunday, we are just praying tons that they can get baptized that day!! I love you guys a ton, and I'm glad you are having a good busy summer. Hope that things go well at work and everything too this week. 
Saying goodbye to Presidente.
we gave him the standard of liberty for his birthday

Saying goodbye to Hermana Whitehead :(

June 6 New Companion

My best friend max <3 he just follows us around to the citas and sometimes we buy him tacos

We had a pretty good week, it was really weird though. because my companion was like experiencing her last everything, and I kept seeing myself in 6 weeks doing the same. The last Sunday is going to be the worst haha. yikes
It was really wierd and right now I just feel this urgency to focus and use every second of the time I have left here. I love mexico and I love this work.  I love being a representative of Jesus Christ.
We had a really stressful sunday haha. we were planning on having the baptism of Tania at 2:30 right after the stake conference... but then they told us that we couldn't because the lideres were going to be using the room, so just a lot of chaos, and waiting for Tania and her family to show up.. which they came JUST in time for the last talk of conference so it could still count as her assistance and she could still get baptized. it was funny, just little tender mercies, because we were calling and calling her and no one was answering so we just said a prayer, like "Heavenly Father, she's your daughter, we know she's ready to take this first step, she needs to get baptized, so just get her here on time please" and everything worked out fine. the Lord will always provide :)

So I'm really excited about being with my new companion too. Hermana Ramirez, she's from Sonora, and really chill :) she seems sweet and we have lots in common, so I am excited to finish my mission with her. she finishes in two cambios so we will work hard.
la Poderosa zona de Lerma

We go too crazy for carne al pastor :)

May 30 Ups and Downs

I learned a LOT about faith.
I've learned that we get to a certain level of faith, and God always wants us to keep progressing and growing. So he puts little trails of our faith, so we can decide again to either rely on Him or on us.  He helps us be more humble, so that we can really trust in our Savior Jesus Christ.  We have to decide to focus on our hope, and its honestly a decision we have to constantly make. It doesn't just come naturally.
When everything is dark, and we have no idea what's going to happen, or what's in store for us, we have to completely trust, it's the only way to be happy. I love what President Monson says "the Future is as Bright as your Faith"

but also a really good week.  like I guess just a ton of ups and downs, but the ups were :
we had an AWESOME baptism!
We worked a lot with an investigator named Leticia and her hija, and I really love them <3 Leticia has a pretty complicated situation, but she has a ton of faith. she wasn't sure about Joseph Smith or the  Book of Mormon, but she wanted to get baptized anyway, acting on just a desire to believe, and it was pretty incredible. 
Our zone ROCKED it this month. so today in about a half hour we are having a zone activity, volleyball, carne al pastor, the whole deal. I'm so excited because the elders are pretty hilarious. 
It was all thanks to the title of liberty we made I'm pretty sure. :)

We also got to go to the TEMPLE!.  its gonna be closed next week when my companion goes home, so they let her go this Friday, and I went with her. what an incredible experience. I understood SO MUCH MORE  than before... and I felt like I learned so much. I didn't get all the answers I wanted, but I felt peace, and sometimes that's all we need.  I think most of the time, God doesn't give us all the answers we want, just because He wants us to be humble and not worry and trust.

oh , and something else that happened, 
our Mission leader and his wife are SUPER cool, and I look up to them a ton. the way that they work in the church, and just a lot of things. anyways, la Hermana found out that she has breast cancer this week. it was incredible, they were getting back from the hospital after finding out, and we called them not knowing about anything, and asked if they could help us go over to another area to help with a baptism date that was for this week, and they stopped by and drove us over no problem. they just always put other people first, even when they are going through what for me would be a crisis.  I can't believe it.
Leticia and Joanna

May 23

Hey mom! I love you a lot <3
This week was alright, we didn't baptize this week so that was kinda sad because we were working aton with  an investigator named Jaquelin, but she kept saying she wasn't ready.  We will keep working with her. Then another really sad thing happened, we went to talk with Sayra, who is the absolute coolest but all her family are evangelists. everything was good and then all of a sudden  Sayra sent us abunch of texts saying she doesn't want us to pass by anymore, and I'm sure it was something her husband did to her. We went and talked to him this last week, and of course to us he said that he doesn't have a problem with her going to church and all, (he's super evangelista) but I'm really worried that he hit her or something, because she told us that he's got major problems with his temper (he went to jail for it before). I hate machistas, and it's really common here.  
It's so sad because she is super escogida, and feels the spirit so strong and identifies it. She LOVES church and the santa cena.  I get so mad when people try to take away the agency of others, Not even our Father in Heaven does that, so who do they think they are. ughh and Sayra was supposed to get baptized this week  but now we will have to find her and see what we can do. Just keep praying a ton I guess.

Things are getting a little better with my companion. I have to learn a LOT about charity, because it's something I really fail at, not getting annoyed so easily and being kinder in the way that I say things. Sometimes I'm way to direct about it and don't think about the feelings of others.. so that's where I'm at right now.

I'm excited to start working again, I love how we all work together in the office, is Haylee going to start this summer? how crazy :)
I'm glad the kids are almost done with school too, that will be a huge relief for you it sounds like. and its always fun, I love summers so much :)
I hope you guys are doing really good and I can't wait! Time is flying by super super fast, it's crazy and exciting but also scary all at the same time.
love you lots

May 16 More baptisms

This week has been crazy, we had to cover two areas because we are in a trio right now because the Hermanas in la Crespa had a bunch of problems. It's been a ton of going back and forth to the two areas.
We had two baptisms! It was really cool, two weeks ago we found an awesome kid whose family was super inactive, and he's ten, and we taught his family, got them to come back to church these past two weeks and he got baptized yesterday.
Love them a lot and Reynaldo, is a young adult super cool, super escogido, changed a TON of things in his life and got baptized yesterday too :)
We had a cool experience going home with him, we couldn't get a taxi to take us back to our area and take Reynaldo home.  It was like 8:30 at night.  Reynaldo said a specific prayer, asking the Lord to send us someone who would take us back for less than 50 pesos, and right when we said amen, we opened our eyes and there was a taxi, and he said he would take us for 50 pesos.  Reynaldo was super excited and it was just really cool to see the Lords loving hand in our every day lives.
Just cool tender mercies.
Oh and I want to tell you about another investigator that I just love a ton.  her name is Sayra, she is so so sweet. her whole family is evalgelista, idk they live right behind this temple and her spouse is super into it. so she was kinda afraid of getting to know the church and stuff.  But she went last week and this week and told us about her experience is was so cool . 
She said that she was pretty hungry (because we have church at 8 am and its a half hour away, so we have to pass by the houses of the investigators at like 7.. way too early on a Sunday ) because she didn't eat before, but she said that when she ate just that little piece of bread she felt so full and happy and content and peace.  and she couldn't even remember what the church was called but told her mom all about it when she got home. and when she prays, the spirit is so strong, so tangible I LOVE it. and she told her husband "I know that you and our kids are evangelists, but I'm going to be Mormon." and he just told her to do what her heart told her. That's a miracle in itself!!! I'm so excited for her.

I love you guys tons and hope you have another good week!

May 9 Mother's Day

Yeah it was really good to talk to you guys yesterday, I hope you had a good mothers day!
This week has been super emotional for me. I just crying every day. I felt really alone being in the new area I think just because I was SO close to everyne in Claveria ,  so I don't feel like anything is the same here. but I am learning to love it the same. We are working hard and want to find lots of miracles, it's just been harder to feel unity and the spirit because of the differences. but we talked it out a little last night and I felt a lot better today.

Just a little miracle I forgot to tell you guys about yesterday..So we were getting ready for the baptism, and my companion was talking to her family while we were at our Mission Leader's house.  It was just one of those cool little things, because what happened is that we totally forgot to tell the elders to start filling up the font.  When we remembered it was about a half hour before the baptism was supposed to start.  We called the elders and they turned the water on, but we were pretty worried because it normally takes about 2 hours to fill.  I said a prayer and was just like Okay Father, we need your help, and we know that you will provide.  We got there and the font was completely filled.  I'm so grateful for His constant tender mercies.
This is Freddy! yeah his full name is Freddy, it's so goofy. because that's so not a common name here. 

Friday, June 17, 2016

May 4,2016 Title of Liberty

I put these clothes on and we were like wait, its Ana! from frozen

We stayed up till like 2 making this standard of liberty haha
it was Hermana Gallacher's idea, and I got to my new zone and was like yeah we really need to get them excited to work because our zone hasn't been baptizing a lot so Monday I started making the plans in Concilio and on the way back from Presidentes house we made the plans and gave an AWESOME talk and had "Captain Moroni" act a bunch of stuff out and everyone signed it.
it was pretty legit :)

Sunday, May 1, 2016

April 25 - New Companion in Estaca Lerma and saying goodbye to everyone

My new companion!
I'm in the Estaca Lerma, in a new little rama that's called Aeropuerto. Should be good! back in the pueblos! Our house is super nice so that's cool. and I'm excited to be in a small branch again.
I saw one of the converts of Ixtapan today during cambios, that was really cool. :) miss it!

The Salgueros
I can't tell you how much I've learned from this family.
and they are probably the ones that I'm MOST excited for you to meet. El Hermano speaks English too so that will be good. and Hermana Sheila understands it too.

Hermano Salguero worked 10 years giving tours to members and nonmembers of archaeological sites all around mexico.  he knows SO much about the Book of Mormon, and it's so cool because everything makes sense, it all has a lot to do with the Mayan culture and history.  so we TOTALLY have to come back and go to some ruins and museums with him, and the family.

Okay this was on Saturday. we went to eat with the Familia Saavedra, to Despedirnos. and wow, they took us to the GREATEST restaurant in la Ciudad de Mexico, is called Casa de Toño.   just has really typical mexican food, but I'm not kidding it's the best I've had in the mission.  so I don't think we ever tried it when we were in Cuernavaca, but a really traditional dish is Pozole. its got maiz, a little chile, they throw in some carne and then put in lettuce and rabano and onion and  oregano. from the first time I tried it in Loma Hermosa its been my favorite :)
but in the casa de toño its like the specialty so we are definitely going back together because you've gotta try it!!

Ah, it was kinda hard to say goodbye to the Saavedras. They are so sweet, and they have so much potential in the gospel. they have so much faith and honestly are probably some of my best converts. I feel SO blessed for the spirit that led us to them, and that prepared their hearts to receive the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Like they were the easiest baptisms, because they were SO ready.   Those are the type of people we need to find, and I know that there are LOTS out there. We just have to find them :)
but it wasn't even that hard to say goodbye because 1. its not even a goodbye because I know I'll see them again before I leave to go home, and 2. because I feel like I really don't have to worry to much about them. They will be strong and will keep progressing

It's impossible to really express the gratitud and joy I feel. Just for this family, and I feel like its multiplied with everyone I get to know here. Our Heavenly Father is so loving, He loves His children so much.  And our oldest brother Jesus Christ too. Just never forget it okay
It totally hailed the other day.  It started raining a bunch this week and then it started to hail.  Totally crazy

Joshua his is my favorite kid ever.  He is just super goofy and he looks like he comes out of a cartoon, I don't know I just love him a lot and we were playing keep the balloon up for awhile on Saturday.  I am going to miss him a lot!
 Okay, and on Sunday it was David's birthday. We went over to his and Pamela's house, and ate some awesome tacos de alambre and we hung out with all his family. He is also the greatest convert ever, just was super prepared as well. We got there and he was talking to his cousin about how great the church is and telling her about the organization, how its an unpaid clergy, everything about prophets and apostles and Hermana Gallacher and I were just listening and beaming. It was so cool because he's so excited to share the things he learns. On Sundays it's awesome, him and Pamela just study stuff together, they spend hours watching Mormon videos and talks and learning new things. I wish everyone had the same passion for learning about the gospel as he does! oh and the best, they bought a dairy queen ice cream cake for his birthday. YESSSS we died, I didn't know they had that here! For his birthday and as like a goodbye present, we gave them a picture of the temple in a frame, and they loved it
 Another amazing family that we had to say goodbye to, la Familia Sanchez.  They're members, and probably my favorite. ah, the twins are just little studs, they are the funniest 14 year olds I've ever met and we just get along really really well.  Raul is 12, he told me to say hi to Aidan because they're the same age.  whenever we go to their house, they give us food. like literally without fail, even when we are not hungry at all. and so to send me off, they gave us some tlayudas.  These GIANT tortillas tostadas things and it was delicious. It's not very common here, its from Oaxaca, because that's where they're from. but we got excited,you guys have to meet them

April 18 - Trials

 So on Saturday, the Familia Salguero had us over for dinner, and made a TON of wings and carne asada.... I was in HEAVEN.
and note Hemano Salgueros Utah shirt... he just does that on purpose to bug us.
and I'm bringing the scrunchie back in style.  I bought a sick one the other day and wore it all week haah 
and we went and ate crepes today. eees for fun.
 I didn't take a tons of pictures but these are some cool ones  from Hermano's house Parque Villa, I just love the ciudad! 
Well this week was a week of pruebas, like the refiners fire. We feel like the Lord is seeing if we really REALLY want it, if we really want to reach our goals. Every fecha that we had fell, Danae, Aaron, Andres, Alejandro. We didn't baptize this week. We have been getting up early, fasting, praying all the time during the day, trying new things to find new people and people that are ready to be baptized.
We did find a really great new family, Rosario and her hija Fabiola. Rosario is a nurse, and has a complicated schedule, so she will have to miss church once every three weeks. But she is really excited about the message of the Restored Gospel!! Wow, we had some really great lessons with her this week. We contacted her in the street outside her apartment, and she told us to come on up and talk to her. She had a really good friend who is a member of the church, and she told us she's really interested to learn more. We talked to her and when we taught the restoration, she was super excited, she got on the LDS page the next day and read a bunch of conference talks and studied a ton of information about the church. Wow she is really escogida, and I'm excited for her to be baptized next change <3 I learned a lot teaching her, and seeing how excited she got. We take for granted a lot of things, especially the blessing of having the plentitud of the gospel in our lives. We gave her a book of Mormon on sunday, and she gasped and wouldn't stop thanking us. It was so sweet, and it makes me so happy to be out here as a representative of Christ, and a carrier of this great message :)
So even though everyone is falling through, and we don't have any possibles right now, I know that we will baptize before this change ends.
I'm also super grateful for my companion.  I have learned SO much from Hermana Gallacher, and I know there was definitely a reason that we came to the mission at the same time, and we were together for so much.  I have needed her to learn to be more humble, more serviceful and more obedient. The Lord knows exactly who I need, and I'm getting sad just thinking about how I've probably only got a week left here in Claveria. 
I love you a lot!!!  thank you for all your prayers <3
Hna Schneider

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 11 Rebeca's Baptism

Rebeca and Viridiana y Hermana Sylvia.
We had Rebeca's baptism on Sunday! She was really happy. It was sweet, and her grandma Sylvia was super excited.  La hermana Sylvia probably has the most faith that I've ever seen, I love her a lot. she doesn't have much, she is so humble and relies 100% on the lord.  They don't have any money, but still somehow get to church in a taxi every sunday with her daughter who can't walk.  It's amazing.
What else, this week we are going to start something crazy..
Hermano Salguero gave me this book.. invocando los poderes celestiales. its the best book I've ever read, by Grant Von Harrison "drawing on the powers of heaven"

We decided that what we need in the ward is a miracle. a big one, we need to lift the spirit of the whole ward, and get the members attention.  They need to witness God´s power, and believe in it again.
We decided we want 12 baptisms. 6 in the next two weeks, 6 in the first two of May.
It's kinda sad because we have cambios on the 24th, so we don't know where I'll be. but even if I get transfered out, I know that Hermana Gallacher and her companion will keep working for this goal.
We are really excited. really nervous, but it's gonna be crazy.
I hope you guys have a really good week.  I love you all TONS!!!
hna schneider

April 6 General Conference

Keeping the family tradition alive. We made the little egg activity for easter and did it with la familia Sanchez.  They loved it and loved experiencing a little of the american easter of finding eggs.
It was incredible. and my favorite thing is that I got to see how we really can receive all of the answers to our questions through the Spirit and the words of the Prophets.  I know that President Monson and the First Presidency and the Twelve Apostles and the Seventies are called of God.  I know that they speak for Him, and it really was Christ´s conference.  That's just so cool. The Church is TRUE guys!!!!
I loved all of it, but received a lot of strength from Elder Hollands closing talk especially. 

We have a really busy rest of the week planned, it's going to get pretty crazy. We just want to use every moment we have left together, Hermana Gallacher and I.  

We are teaching some pretty cool people, a part member family who we are trying to activate, they all went to conference and we have a fecha with Danae for the 17th, I'm really excited for them, because they could be really strong fro the ward when they all come back, full force :)
and teaching more of the Marquez family, Rebecca (who is the niece of Maribel and Carlos who got baptized) has her fecha for this week! she's really excited, and its been incredible seeing her just be so much happier in the past few weeks that she has been going to church. The spirit really changes people.

I'm so grateful for my Savior, I'm beyond grateful for missionary service. I realize more and more how the Lord doesn't need us out here, he doesn't need our help. The escogidos will get to the church, with or without us.  This time really is just so we can grow. and thats how it is will ALL service in the church. The Lord doesn't need us.  We NEED to serve.

I love you all the much!!!
hna schneider

La Reyna and I back at it.  I enjoyed catching up with here at concilio, she is the greatest!


March 28 Women's Conference

March 14 Staying in Claveria

Well this week was kinda crazy.  To be honest, a really hard one. I don't know why, but I felt pretty sad on wednesday and it was just hard.but after I felt a lot better and we had an incredible weekend. 
Juan Carlos (the husband of Maribel) FINALLY got BAPTIZED.  A straight MIRACLE seriously.
We just put our faith to the test and filled up the font and brought the clothes and got everything ready just hoping that he would finally say yes and decide to do it. 
The Lord answered our prayers. Not for us, but for this family.  I know that Padre Celestial LOVES this family a ton, and they were just waiting for their dad to get baptized so that now they can work towards the temple.  I feel so grateful, because it strengthened my testimony of the power of fasting and of prayer.  I am so so excited, and I feel so so blessed to be able to witness these types of milagros each week.
The other really exciting thing, I'm STAYING here in Claveria!!!! I can't tell you how scared I was on saturday when they were telling us the cambios, because honestly this ward is my absolute favorite.  I feel so close to a lot of the members, and a lot of the families that we have taught here, I was just completely not ready to go. at all haha so we feel really relieved.  So its ROUND 3 with Hermana Gallacher haha and we are loving it.

I am so glad to be out here. To be learning so much. and the time is flying by way way too fast.  But Thank you so much for all of your support and love. <3 

hna schneider

Sunday, March 13, 2016

March 9 Baptism of Irais, Abril and Joshua

We had an incredible week! I felt the spirit so strong this weekend, we went to the temple on Saturday. It was awesome, we rented a combi (minibus) and now I feel like all the conversos recientes and members are just really good friends! We played big booty on the way and just joked around a ton.  Our mission leader is the greatest, just cracking jokes and making fun of us. (I had to do the BYU fight song... ridiculous),. Then in the centro de visitantes we had the best time.  Everyone was crying watching all the videos.  Then on the way home, everyone was just bearing their testimony and talking about what they learned and more about how they felt.  The spirit was so strong in that combi. 
Mexico City Temple

We had a wonderful Sunday!  David was all ready with his suit and tie and got confirmed a member of the church. He was just beaming, so so happy.  It was domingo de testimonios, and so in the gospel principles class our lider misional just asked a bunch of conversos recientes to share their testimonies.  David shared his, but then when his wife Pamela talked, I just lost it. She broke down (she never cries) and just bore her testimony about how the Gospel really does CHANGE people. She kept repeating that she never ever could have seen this happening, and that she is so grateful for the way the gospel will bless her marriage now.  I am so excited for them, and to see them get sealed in a year (we already are putting the temple date!!)
Then Irais and her sister Abril shared their testimonies as well, I can't even describe it, they are the MOST escogidas that I have ever known in my whole mission.  I am so grateful because the Father trusted us with His precious daughters, and I know that they will be very strong ward members.  (hoping that Irais decides on a mission, that would be incredible)
They had a great baptism service, Hermana Gallacher and I sang #50, the classic mas cerca Dios de ti(Nearer My God to thee). Irais went first, then Abril, and then Joshua last, and he loved it, wanted to stay in and swim for a while, it was just so cute. and I felt the spirit testify of how much our Father LOVES these two daughters and son. He loves them, and there isn't words to describe the JOY that you feel watching people open the gate to enter back in to the presence of God. <3 

This month we are going to have to work a LOT harder, a lot better, and we have a lot of hopes for March. but we have a TON of work to get done, everyone does in the whole mission. February went pretty bad, and we are going to have to change a lot of things. But I'm excited to see the changes. 

I love you all, so much!
Crazy Zone Picture