Sunday, March 13, 2016

March 9 Baptism of Irais, Abril and Joshua

We had an incredible week! I felt the spirit so strong this weekend, we went to the temple on Saturday. It was awesome, we rented a combi (minibus) and now I feel like all the conversos recientes and members are just really good friends! We played big booty on the way and just joked around a ton.  Our mission leader is the greatest, just cracking jokes and making fun of us. (I had to do the BYU fight song... ridiculous),. Then in the centro de visitantes we had the best time.  Everyone was crying watching all the videos.  Then on the way home, everyone was just bearing their testimony and talking about what they learned and more about how they felt.  The spirit was so strong in that combi. 
Mexico City Temple

We had a wonderful Sunday!  David was all ready with his suit and tie and got confirmed a member of the church. He was just beaming, so so happy.  It was domingo de testimonios, and so in the gospel principles class our lider misional just asked a bunch of conversos recientes to share their testimonies.  David shared his, but then when his wife Pamela talked, I just lost it. She broke down (she never cries) and just bore her testimony about how the Gospel really does CHANGE people. She kept repeating that she never ever could have seen this happening, and that she is so grateful for the way the gospel will bless her marriage now.  I am so excited for them, and to see them get sealed in a year (we already are putting the temple date!!)
Then Irais and her sister Abril shared their testimonies as well, I can't even describe it, they are the MOST escogidas that I have ever known in my whole mission.  I am so grateful because the Father trusted us with His precious daughters, and I know that they will be very strong ward members.  (hoping that Irais decides on a mission, that would be incredible)
They had a great baptism service, Hermana Gallacher and I sang #50, the classic mas cerca Dios de ti(Nearer My God to thee). Irais went first, then Abril, and then Joshua last, and he loved it, wanted to stay in and swim for a while, it was just so cute. and I felt the spirit testify of how much our Father LOVES these two daughters and son. He loves them, and there isn't words to describe the JOY that you feel watching people open the gate to enter back in to the presence of God. <3 

This month we are going to have to work a LOT harder, a lot better, and we have a lot of hopes for March. but we have a TON of work to get done, everyone does in the whole mission. February went pretty bad, and we are going to have to change a lot of things. But I'm excited to see the changes. 

I love you all, so much!
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