Sunday, March 6, 2016

February 10 - Zone Conference

 I LOVE being with Hermana Gallacher and I am so excited for the rest of this cambio. This week has  been one of the best weeks of my entire mission.  I can't even describe how strongly I have felt the spirit and how many miracles we have seen this week. 
So the very first day of the cambio, Hermana Gallacher and I went out and started off for an appointment. We were contacting, and we saw about three families up ahead. It was the coolest feeling because I looked at this family passing by and the thought came so quick in my head... "ellos". I immediately followed the prompting.  I am so thankful for the spirit, because when we started talking to them, we knew that they were going to be really good. We got to the first lesson with Abril, Josh(her son) and her sister Irais, and they had already read the restoration pamphlet and we get in and they just start talking about how much they loved it.  "its so beautiful!" and Abril is like "I feel like we have been walking errantes (lost)  searching for the truth too!" I'm like okay this is way to perfect. 
 Now we have gone with two different members to teach the familia Saavedra, and they know the bishop, and they LOVE the church. Josh (who is just 8 yrs old) was singing primary songs when he got home Sunday. I have been thanking my Father in Heaven every single day for helping us find Abril, Irais, and Joshua. They will be baptized the first week in March.
Oh and when Irais prayed for the first time, she just starts out so sweet "hola Padre Celestial, help us to find the right path, and to know what is the truth... and then she starts crying and just says... I think this is it".  they could identify the spirit so easily, and they are so READY for the restored gospel.  what a BLESSING!!! ahhhh I'm so excited for them

And we had some pretty incredible lessons with our new Mission Leader,  his name is Hermano Salguero. I'm not kidding he is the coolest guy ever, and his family is the BEST.  we learn SO MUCH from him, and from his wife.  
The four of us together again :) at conference, in presidentes giant house

This Monday was really cool, we got to go to concilio (council) and it was amazing.  I learned a lot and I just love Hermana and President Whitehead so much. I'm so sad that they are going home like 3 weeks before me :/
I feel like I have a million things to tell, but just definitely not enough time. 
I love you all. I LOVE the Lord. I LOVE Mexico and I love the mission. 
its like you can't really describe it in words. 
have a good week!!
We went to see Hermana Fernanda Nuñez open her call... totally brought me back to the day I opened mine. so crazy to think of how different everything was back then°
she's going to Honduras, Teguc.   She's so excited!

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