Sunday, March 6, 2016

February 29 Eating Grasshoppers

David y Pamela
We baptized David this week, and his baptism was SO GOOD. He went to church in a suit and tie, and just LOOKED the part, he was shining before and even more after the baptism! We had an awesome lesson with him and his wife on saturday, all about what comes after a baptism, and they are really excited to work towards a temple date! It has been such a blessing to get to help them bother, her to come back to church, and him to change his goals in life and way of living now. The Lord is so merciful and so great.
We have three awesome fechas for this week, la familia Saavedra,(Abril, Irais, y Joshua) They are so excited. We had to go with them to church at 8 this week, because they had a compromiso with their family. We ended up running a little late, and we were getting to their house when we saw them already walking down the street, looking for a taxi to go to church. haahah they were like "hermanas! we thought you slept in so we were just going to go by ourselves." I LOVED that, it just shows that they really love the gospel and love to feel the spirit. They really put the Lord first on sundays. I'm just so grateful for them, for that first contact the first day of the change <3
 I feel so grateful for this last month, because I feel like I'm learning SO MUCH. I've finally learned the importance of focusing on finding people ALL THE TIME. I have gained a testimony, that there really ARE people here waiting for us, we just have to cumplir with everything the Lord asks, and then it's a sure thing that He will help us find them!

We had three intercambios this week too, and the BEST was that I got to go back to Loma Hermosa, and see some people again. It was so cute, I went with Jorge and his wife, and then with Sonia and Melanie and Gael and Axel again, it was such dejavu and I LOVED being back in my area again!!!

 the greatest fam ever. 
 I LOVE Loma Hermosa

Hermano Jorge, my abuelito

And today we went to the Zocalo, like downtown, and took some pics and had to go shopping for new backpacks and stuff. 
I should always wear a sombrero

la grande y abominable

Its been an awesome week.  I love being here in Mexico, and I love my Savior :)
Hermana Schneider

eating chapulines with la Familia Sanchez hahahah. (grasshoppers) 
the awful thing is that they didn't taste that bad.

Hermano Sanchez with his grasshoppers.  they were actually really spicy... he's crazy

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