Sunday, March 13, 2016

March 9 Baptism of Irais, Abril and Joshua

We had an incredible week! I felt the spirit so strong this weekend, we went to the temple on Saturday. It was awesome, we rented a combi (minibus) and now I feel like all the conversos recientes and members are just really good friends! We played big booty on the way and just joked around a ton.  Our mission leader is the greatest, just cracking jokes and making fun of us. (I had to do the BYU fight song... ridiculous),. Then in the centro de visitantes we had the best time.  Everyone was crying watching all the videos.  Then on the way home, everyone was just bearing their testimony and talking about what they learned and more about how they felt.  The spirit was so strong in that combi. 
Mexico City Temple

We had a wonderful Sunday!  David was all ready with his suit and tie and got confirmed a member of the church. He was just beaming, so so happy.  It was domingo de testimonios, and so in the gospel principles class our lider misional just asked a bunch of conversos recientes to share their testimonies.  David shared his, but then when his wife Pamela talked, I just lost it. She broke down (she never cries) and just bore her testimony about how the Gospel really does CHANGE people. She kept repeating that she never ever could have seen this happening, and that she is so grateful for the way the gospel will bless her marriage now.  I am so excited for them, and to see them get sealed in a year (we already are putting the temple date!!)
Then Irais and her sister Abril shared their testimonies as well, I can't even describe it, they are the MOST escogidas that I have ever known in my whole mission.  I am so grateful because the Father trusted us with His precious daughters, and I know that they will be very strong ward members.  (hoping that Irais decides on a mission, that would be incredible)
They had a great baptism service, Hermana Gallacher and I sang #50, the classic mas cerca Dios de ti(Nearer My God to thee). Irais went first, then Abril, and then Joshua last, and he loved it, wanted to stay in and swim for a while, it was just so cute. and I felt the spirit testify of how much our Father LOVES these two daughters and son. He loves them, and there isn't words to describe the JOY that you feel watching people open the gate to enter back in to the presence of God. <3 

This month we are going to have to work a LOT harder, a lot better, and we have a lot of hopes for March. but we have a TON of work to get done, everyone does in the whole mission. February went pretty bad, and we are going to have to change a lot of things. But I'm excited to see the changes. 

I love you all, so much!
Crazy Zone Picture

Sunday, March 6, 2016

February 29 Eating Grasshoppers

David y Pamela
We baptized David this week, and his baptism was SO GOOD. He went to church in a suit and tie, and just LOOKED the part, he was shining before and even more after the baptism! We had an awesome lesson with him and his wife on saturday, all about what comes after a baptism, and they are really excited to work towards a temple date! It has been such a blessing to get to help them bother, her to come back to church, and him to change his goals in life and way of living now. The Lord is so merciful and so great.
We have three awesome fechas for this week, la familia Saavedra,(Abril, Irais, y Joshua) They are so excited. We had to go with them to church at 8 this week, because they had a compromiso with their family. We ended up running a little late, and we were getting to their house when we saw them already walking down the street, looking for a taxi to go to church. haahah they were like "hermanas! we thought you slept in so we were just going to go by ourselves." I LOVED that, it just shows that they really love the gospel and love to feel the spirit. They really put the Lord first on sundays. I'm just so grateful for them, for that first contact the first day of the change <3
 I feel so grateful for this last month, because I feel like I'm learning SO MUCH. I've finally learned the importance of focusing on finding people ALL THE TIME. I have gained a testimony, that there really ARE people here waiting for us, we just have to cumplir with everything the Lord asks, and then it's a sure thing that He will help us find them!

We had three intercambios this week too, and the BEST was that I got to go back to Loma Hermosa, and see some people again. It was so cute, I went with Jorge and his wife, and then with Sonia and Melanie and Gael and Axel again, it was such dejavu and I LOVED being back in my area again!!!

 the greatest fam ever. 
 I LOVE Loma Hermosa

Hermano Jorge, my abuelito

And today we went to the Zocalo, like downtown, and took some pics and had to go shopping for new backpacks and stuff. 
I should always wear a sombrero

la grande y abominable

Its been an awesome week.  I love being here in Mexico, and I love my Savior :)
Hermana Schneider

eating chapulines with la Familia Sanchez hahahah. (grasshoppers) 
the awful thing is that they didn't taste that bad.

Hermano Sanchez with his grasshoppers.  they were actually really spicy... he's crazy

February 15 Valentine's Day

Celebrating Valentine's Day with hot fudge
Well this week  was a little difficult to be honest. Our fecha with Joel fell, he didn´t tell us before that he has problems with the ley de castidad (chastity) and then of course didn't want to be baptized when he knew he wouldn't be able to cumplir( to keep). So that was disappointing and it is hard because now he doesn't want to go to church, he's just embarrassed.. But we will keep working with him.
We had miracle though! Juan de Dios, a 14 year old joven, and he wants to be baptized! We didn't get to know him until this Sunday, but he has been going to activities and church services with his friends in the ward, and likes it! We will get to know him better today and be able to talk to his family.
Abril, her son Josh and her sister Irais went for the second time and they are progressing REALLY well. They are the most escogida(choice) familia that I have ever met, and I feel so blessed for finding them!
I had my first intercambios this week, and it was actually super fun. I was with Herman Diaz, fresh from the CCM and from Oaxaca. She bought me my first coconut, that was delish.  With lime and chilito, it was really tasty.
but Hermana Gallacher and I are still having a blast,  even when things don't go how we want them to, we laugh and joke around a ton. We speak the worst spanglish in the world but its been funny.
Love you all the much!
It's been so long since I've had Panda!

February 10 - Zone Conference

 I LOVE being with Hermana Gallacher and I am so excited for the rest of this cambio. This week has  been one of the best weeks of my entire mission.  I can't even describe how strongly I have felt the spirit and how many miracles we have seen this week. 
So the very first day of the cambio, Hermana Gallacher and I went out and started off for an appointment. We were contacting, and we saw about three families up ahead. It was the coolest feeling because I looked at this family passing by and the thought came so quick in my head... "ellos". I immediately followed the prompting.  I am so thankful for the spirit, because when we started talking to them, we knew that they were going to be really good. We got to the first lesson with Abril, Josh(her son) and her sister Irais, and they had already read the restoration pamphlet and we get in and they just start talking about how much they loved it.  "its so beautiful!" and Abril is like "I feel like we have been walking errantes (lost)  searching for the truth too!" I'm like okay this is way to perfect. 
 Now we have gone with two different members to teach the familia Saavedra, and they know the bishop, and they LOVE the church. Josh (who is just 8 yrs old) was singing primary songs when he got home Sunday. I have been thanking my Father in Heaven every single day for helping us find Abril, Irais, and Joshua. They will be baptized the first week in March.
Oh and when Irais prayed for the first time, she just starts out so sweet "hola Padre Celestial, help us to find the right path, and to know what is the truth... and then she starts crying and just says... I think this is it".  they could identify the spirit so easily, and they are so READY for the restored gospel.  what a BLESSING!!! ahhhh I'm so excited for them

And we had some pretty incredible lessons with our new Mission Leader,  his name is Hermano Salguero. I'm not kidding he is the coolest guy ever, and his family is the BEST.  we learn SO MUCH from him, and from his wife.  
The four of us together again :) at conference, in presidentes giant house

This Monday was really cool, we got to go to concilio (council) and it was amazing.  I learned a lot and I just love Hermana and President Whitehead so much. I'm so sad that they are going home like 3 weeks before me :/
I feel like I have a million things to tell, but just definitely not enough time. 
I love you all. I LOVE the Lord. I LOVE Mexico and I love the mission. 
its like you can't really describe it in words. 
have a good week!!
We went to see Hermana Fernanda Nuñez open her call... totally brought me back to the day I opened mine. so crazy to think of how different everything was back then°
she's going to Honduras, Teguc.   She's so excited!