Sunday, February 14, 2016

Feb 1st Back with Hermana Gallacher from MTC

So I've got lots of updates!!
This week was amazing honestly, a great way to end this cambio.  Marisol accepted her date to be baptized this week!!! Many times as missionaries we say that we got her to say yes, or "sacamos la fecha", but it really wasn't us at all.  Prayer is so real.  We just kept committing her to pray, and she did, and she got her answer. She didn't have a vision, or hear a voice, but she felt peace. She felt that it was right. It was hard for her to make the decision, but she finally did, and prayed about it, and THEN received the confirmation that it was the right thing to do.  That is the great great lesson I learned from her, to have to faith to make our decisions by ourselves first, and then ask the Lord if it is right. Because MANY times we sit waiting patiently for the direction from God,  but he is just waiting for us to make up our minds and ask Him. Its a "trial of faith" but then comes the answer.

We also celebrated Hermana  Benitos birthday this week!!! I love her so much, and gonna miss her tons. It's fine because I'll just go visit her in Spain ;)
Hermana Benitos' birthday flan because she can't have gluten

Sunday was honestly just the best ever, it was one of the best baptisms of my mission, because I felt sure that she knew she was doing the right thing. <3 
The best baptism with Marisol (and her novio (boyfriend) Adrian.. they're the funniest)

So that was our little miracle for this week
cambios... I'm staying here in Claveria, and I'm with Hermana Gallacher!!  That's right, my companion from the CCM, round two. Obviously we are beyond excited.  I can't wait, I know that this cambio is going to be insane.    And I'm also hermana capacitadora (trainer) now, so that will be new and super fun, to be able to work with all the Hermanas. (and I'll get to go back to Loma Hermosa hopefully, I literally cant wait for that)
So those are some of the updates for this week. I feel a little nervous for the new responsibility, but I am really excited to be able to learn so much from the other Hermanas. :)
Hermana Lesueur

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