Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January 25 - One Year Mark!

Celebrating ONE YEAR... with a pastel de frutas basically, literally SO MUCH delicious fruit, for what would be like 2 dollars.. our greatest find!
Baptism of Maribel
Hey! So here is what's been going on this week...
It has been kinda a normal week, we had a few let downs as we had to stop teaching a few families because they're just not progressing.  That always hurts. No matter what the reason, it's always sad. but we just pray that their time will come.
I'm a YEAR into the mission. That's insane. AH. I don't know how to feel about it but that's that.
We found a really cool new little family! Gabi (mom) Dana (19) and Oscar (12) We've only taught the restoration to them but it was an awesome lesson. I live for lessons like that, when you just see the look in their eyes, and you know they're feeling something different.
And we have been working on activating another little family, and we are trying to put a fecha with the wife.  She hated the missionaries, and with good reason, because her husband (Juan Carlos ) and hijo Joseph got baptized but didn't understand what was going on and never went back.  But they have a huge desire to learn more now, because we explained a lot about the Plan of salvation, and how they can become an eternal family. It was cool, I felt totally impressed to just sing a hymn, we sang oh my father (but the cool version with the tune of come thy fount) and then just went through the hymn and talked about what the words meant to them. The spirit was so strong, she was crying, I was crying, and it was a really cool experience.
Oh and sunday we had the baptism of Maribel! I think I've mentioned her, she wanted to get baptized like a month ago, but couldn't because they had to amputate her leg.  So she has been in recovery and got cleared to be baptized. It was a stressful day though, because she was terrified.  She fell this week, and because of that was really nervous, but everything turned out fine!
it was touching to see.

Another fun thing that happened today, we went to the immigration office to renew our visas, and had a little one year reunion with my generation, hnas Gallacher, Erickson and Hardy. we were so happy to be just talking and catching up and reminiscing on a year ago .  So much has changed.
I think thats why I was so happy this week. Just being able to look back at what I was doing a year ago, and how much my understanding of the Gospel has changed, it is SUCH a blessing to be out here.
love you guys
hna schneider
One year later, My girls from Arizona I was on the Plane with to Mexico

I love My Companion

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