Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11 -Dia de los Reyes

okay, so let me just tell you about this week.

 So this week was kinda incredible, well not at first.   All during the week, we were experiencing just tons of disappointment.  Those days when every appointment falls through, and you're just searching the streets looking for new people who will progress.  We walked a lot this week. And there were a few days when we got home and just felt bad, like today was NOT effective, I didn't feel like we got anything done.
But it was such a blessing. Hermana Benito and I got to talk a LOT.  I feel like I got to know my companion a lot better, and we grew closer.    But also, we found some INCREDIBLE miracles. 
We were trying to find all the people who were going to go to church, and just no one was ever home and it was frustrating.
I remember that on Saturday I told my companion, Wouldn't it just be so nice if someone just showed up to the chapel, and wanted to be taught? And then we prayed that it would happen.
And Sunday we got to church ( after passing by for a few people that weren't home), and before taking the sacrament I just said a quick little prayer.  Lord, let thy will be done, but please help someone get to church. 
We had TWO miracles that day!!  One is named Javier, he got up that morning thinking he was going to go visit the Jehovah Witness, but then he couldn't find their church, and ended up seeing Hermana Valdibia (a cute little widow with white hair and a huge testimony) and Javier asked her if she knew where the Jehovah Witness had their meetings.  Instead, she invited him to her church and brought him herself. After sacrament meeting, we met Javier, and he was amazed, he LOVED the talks and loves our "philosophy". We have an appointment with him today.
So we were so happy, and I felt so grateful, and then we find another miracle!
Marisol, her boyfriend is from another mission, but she's gone to church lots with him and went for the first time to our ward.  She is excited to be taught.  I can't even describe how blessed I feel.  I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers, and that He wants us to help His children!  We just have to trust 100% in Him and in His work. 

So that was the huge highlight of the week.
another one was Dia de los REYES. 6th of January
I literally love it and want to continue the tradition when I get back to the US.  Dia de Reyes, when everyone puts their shoes out and the Kings come and deliver candy and presents. like 3 more Santa Clauses. But its pretty awesome. And the Rosca, the sweet bread in a circle, with the little plastic babies inside. If you cut a piece with a baby in it, you have to bring the tamales to the next party on Feb 2nd.  honestly in Mexico, everything is an excuse for a party. but it was fun. when we ate with the members we had a little bit of rosca and ponche with them, and my companion surprised me with a cute letter and a bracelet in my shoes. 

 and we ate a rosca (well I did because my companion is siliac and can't have gluten) and it was a pretty fun night.  

The Rosca

so that was my week. I feel so blessed to be out here really. 

Thanks Mom for my Package!
This is me with our new creation.  We made hot chocolate, then blended some PEANUT butter and banana with it in the blender, I'm just saying its HEAVEN. there isn't a smoother more tasty type of hot chocolate out there and we are genuises

The best Agua de fresa ever!

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