Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January 18- Interview

Here's a little update of the highlights of this week...

Interviews with President, it's probably my favorite.  I love just being able to discuss the area and how I can improve personally.  And we always get out of interviews super excited.  

We had the BEST best best comida with la familia Salguero this week.  Saturday Hermano Salguero invited the four of us (Hermana Benito, Hermana Dagua, Hermana Lesueur and I) to eat at his house and gave us a presentation about Mayan culture and history of the Libro de Mormon.  
I'm not kidding it was the coolest thing of my whole mission. This guy knows his stuff, he studies archaeology and gives tours to LDS people in all parts of Mexico and Guatemala.. Palenque, Chichen itza, places in Veracruz and well all over the place.   And he knows the scriptures like a BOSS.  
(his little 7 year old daughter and I were talking a bunch, and I'm like whats your favorite thing to do? and shes like, I like to read. and I ask her what books she likes, and she's like, mostly just the Book of Mormon. ,whenever I'm bored at school I just read the scriptures.  I couldn't believe it... she's awesome.)
I can't even tell you how much crazy stuff we learned, because it would take way too long, but he just showed us a ton of maps and things that people have found that totally coincide with El Libro de Mormon.  I'm pretty sure I want to study archaeology when I get back, even just as a hobby, and I'm TOTALLY going to come back and go on some tours with him one day. because it is SO COOl.

And we put a baptism date with one of the miracles from last week, Marisol.  She is pretty awesome, and with the Lord´s help she will get baptized in two weeks.  :)

love you guys all the much!
Hermana Schneider

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