Monday, January 11, 2016

December 21 Baptism of Norma

Well this week was pretty crazy. I'm just getting used to the DF again, the smells and the people and the traffic and the noise haha.
But I love it. It makes me think a ton of my old area in Culturas, because I think I'm pretty close. The mission is the greatest. I really love being able to go out and just talk to people all day about our Savior, and help them understand how we can live with our Father again. Sometimes I think about it, and it's so crazy that I get to just do that every day. 
We have been super focused on just finding new people, we are searching for a new family to teach.  I've got faith that we will find our Christmas miracle :) 
Hermana Benito and I are loving our time together. She is super great, and said I could come visit her in Madrid, so I'm excited about that ;) 
We had a great baptism on Sunday!!! Norma, shes got TONs of faith, and we convinced her to be baptized, and she was so happy. It was so cute to see her so bubbly and with just a huge smile on her face that whole day.
I am really excited for Christmas, to be able to talk to all of you!!!  
This week, I hope everyone in the family can focus a little more on Christ.  Think for a moment about what we can give to Him. (were celebrating HIS birthday after all). 
I hope that each of you can find something small to do for someone. A few little acts of kindness that can be like your gift to Christ. And let me know how it goes next week!!
Hermana Benito, my Companion and Me

Can't wait to be Ramses for Halloween

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