Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December 14 Back in Mexico City

Cambios!  Awesome news, my new companion is from Spain, basically the best, you know I'll be visiting her after the mission.  I know we're gonna get along good.  She's got 2 months on the mission, and she's super sweet and humble, I'm excited!  I'm back in the DF, in Camarones.  I mean it will be a huge change again from Ixtapan but it's gonna be good.  I'm going to miss Herman Reyna a ton though.  We had an awesome last week together.  We put baptism dates with the family of Mayra.  I don't remember if I've talked about them.  Mayra Yazmin and Alexia, just a super family that we get along really well with.  It's awesome to teach people who are your best friends.  So we are excited for them. 

El Senor Matias

 We also went exploring in the pueblitos around Ixtapan and found some gorgeous new places, a Colonia called Los Narajos, we were looking for a house and I had to go to the bathroom bad, so we stopped by the next house we found, and met El Senor Matias and his wife.  We ended up talking to them and teaching them, but it was the best just hearing them talk about, we have fresh eggs, just stuff like that but he went on and on.  Super cool to get to know such humble people who are completely happy with the little things in life.   Sunday was awesome in the morning because we got to watch the Tijuana temple dedication!  Super cool.  President Uchtdorf was there with Elder Oaks, and they were awesome.  The talks are just the best, and it helped me focus on WHY I'm out here teaching these people.  I got to ponder and remember all the wonderful blessings we receive in the Lord's house and thinking about how awesome it is.  Makes you want all those around you have those same blessings. 

A really Large Nativity in Metepec

The temple rededication
 But it was the WORST saying goodbye to the people in Ixtapan, I cried like 20 times.  I love them so much.  
Saying goodbye to Ma Ysabel, Mayra and family

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