Wednesday, December 16, 2015

November 23 Hermelinda Baptism

La Reyna and I

Wow so it was a great week!!
Hermana Reyna and I are having a blast together. so that's the best and it makes the mission so so much fun.  
Hermelinda smile, she is an expert smiling with her eyes

We had an awesome baptism on Sunday!! Hermelinda, a little old lady, who barely ever smiles so it's super funny.  She can't read or write, and she's from a little ranch. I admire her a LOT, she can barely walk because of her knees, but she is super tough and works so hard for her family.
for example, I'm grateful this week for running water and washing machines, because Hermelinda has to drag a basket of clothes to the river and wash them all on the rocks. 
But anyways, her baptism was kinda funny. She couldn't bend her knees very well, and wasn't going to be able to go under water all the way, so Elder Demars just hugged her and jumped backwards and they both went all the way in.  It works :) haha
The best was her laugh when she got out of the pool, just so happy, and it takes a lot for her to really smile. We have to tickle her in the pictures and she just smiles with her eyes.  but it was a great experience :)

So that was the main highlight. we also had a branch activity and it went super well, we are finally seeing a difference in the members, and they are starting to participate more and get excited about activities and stuff so it made me really happy. We watched the Testaments, about the Book of Mormon, and it made me cry again, such a good movie.

Those are the main updates for this week.  We've been having a blast with the Fair that is in town, tons of people, fiesta, reggaeton, and gorditas de nata (the most delicious food I've ever tasted, kinda similar to fry bread or scones, but not fried, idk it's tasty). and My companion is crazy and I love her.
I hope you have a GREAT thanksgiving.  
I'm so thankful. for way too many things. But mostly for the plan of salvation, and the Atonement. The way that it changes lives, and the way that it changes mine.
I'm thankful for the chance I have to be out here, to be a representative of Jesus Christ, there aren't words.
And I'm so grateful for the way of life we have back home. We take way too many things for granted.  
Most of all I'm thankful for my family and because we will be able to be together forever. I love you guys!
Hermana Schneider
Hermana Ma Ysabel and her little bugs she eats everyday

They're not to bad you just have to swallow fast

Oh an update from Monday, today we went El Christo Rey in Tenancingo again.  It was the coolest!  Today is the day of Cristo (every day on the calendar is the day of some sanot or some virgin for the Catholics) So they were setting up some chairs for the mass that was going to take place up at the Cristo.  We helped them out and then the maintenance guy let us go INTO the Cristo Rey and climb to the TOP!  Basically the coolest view I've ever seen in my life.  I'm pretty sure a total of 50 people have ever been up there, it's a total secret that you can go inside, so cool!

More Cristo Rey with our new friend who let us go to the top

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