Wednesday, December 16, 2015

November 30 Andrea's Baptism

trensitas Our new thing

The update in Ixtapan.  It was an awesome week!!  We were working with Andrea (una jovencita de 14 anos) all week to get her ready for her baptism, the biggest challenge was talking to her parents so they would sign to give consent.  But it ended up being an awesome experience.  Her Dad talked with us a lot.  He told us that Andrea has been talking about her baptism all week, and he asked "what did you guys say to her to make her change so much?"  We just laughed, told him that we cast a spell on his daughter,jk.  No but we got to explain to him a lot of principles of the gospel, and why it changes us so much.  We invited both her mom and her dad to the baptism, and THEY WENT!  (I was super surprised) and then they went to church the next day! I'm really excited that they are showing more interest now and we will hopefully be able to teach them too.  I love the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I love seeing the changes that it makes in  my life, and in the lives of others.  Andrea was your typical teen, always kinda mad and rebelious, but her dad told us that in these past few weeks she has been so much happier, helps out around the house, and actually comes out of her room.  I feel so blessed :)   So that was the big event of the week.  It was a great baptism! 
The Ixtapan crew

Practicing for the primary program

 Then sunday was the primary program here in Ixtapan.  It was pretty funny, only 5 kids talked and sang... and I was playing the piano, my companion directing the music, you can imagine the mistakes and errors and fails that we experienced, but it turned out good and I think that 50 people that were there enjoyed it.  Hermana Reyna and I are doing really well, we are super happy and just trying to enjoy the last two weeks we have together this short cambio!  And 25 days until my favorite day of the year!!  Can't believe how fast time is going.  Love you all the much!

Nice Surprise from Home
I loved reading the mission diary you sent me of Grandma Howells'!  I loved being able to read all about it, and it made me laugh the language she used.  It was a wonderful reminder that she's doing the same thing as me right now.  

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