Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Nov 16th lots of photos


I had to tickle Mich to get her to smile with her teeth
esquites (toasted corn)

I'm glad the primary program went well, it's always good. I'm sure it will be better than ours.. we have it the 29th, and I'm a little worried. The primary kids are psycho and there's only like 6 that are participating I think haha. It might be a little of a disaster. I have to play too, but only a few songs so I should be fine. But it stresses me out still, wish I would have practiced more before so it would be easier now.
I'm glad dad is playing hockey, sports are the best ways to de-stress. I wish I could see some games! 
<3 hugs and kisses! we're getting super close to Christmas!! can't wait :)

When it is 11:30 and we are going to bed Hermana Reyna says "lets take a picture!" and I am like "What? Why" and she says "because it is a before bed pic".  She cracks me up but I love her
Early Morning workouts

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