Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December 7 Christmas Devotional

Hermana Reyna has lots of secret photos of me.  This is how I look when people tells me lies on the phone :)

This week wasn't the greatest, the investigators that we have aren't progressing, like we didn't get everything done we wanted to.  I can't believe we're at our last week of this cambio already.  It went by too fast.  But we had a few fun things happen.  Friday was a ward activity...noche de churros y chocolate.  the greatest, we felt like it helped the hermanamiento that we lack, and everyone had a good time.  We watched a video "el Monte de sion", it was Wilford Woodroof telling the story of the Salt Lake Temple but a little deep for the investigators, I don't think they really got it.  We ate way too many churros, at the end of the night we started helping an Hermana make them all, and she was talking to us about the mission and everything.  We just kept eating churros and then Saturday Hermana Reyna was throwing up all night and I hade some major diarrhea so we were fighting for the bathroom.  It was pretty awful.  Now I never want to eat another churro in my entire life.  Sunday was awesome. 
Ethan and Denis, the craziest kids I have seen

Gorditas, yum!

 I LOVED the Christmas devotional, we only got to see parts of it, because one of the recent converts brought all his crazy grandkids and they were running around and we had to take them out and make them sit quiet, haha but I loved Linda K Burton's talk with the primary song "He sent His Son"  I think that's what is called, have faith, have hope, live like His Son.  Help others on their way, what does He ask.....Live like His Son.  Made me cry.  I love the primary songs that we sang when we were little.  I really liked when President Uchtdorf talked about gratitude and the story of the guy who got a wheelchair.  We take WAY too many things for granted.  After the devotional we went to the house of the Ruiz family because it was Sharit's birthday yesterday.  Hermana Reyna and I spent Saturday night making a bunch of cute bows for her and she loved them.  We had some awesome cranberry cinnamon tea and finished off the week. 

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