Sunday, November 15, 2015

Nov 9 Don't let the Bed bugs bite!

Here's the update of the ridiculous things that happened this week...
I got super sick on Tuesday, threw up all night, so we didn't get a ton done on Wednesday. Then on Thursday morning we found CHINCHES(bed bugs) in my companion's bed. Ugh so we had to take everything out of our house, wash everything, spray this toxic stuff all over, and move all our stuff out into another little room in la casa de la dueña. Just a huge mess, and today we are going to clean super good and start moving stuff back in. We won't be able to move in and sleep in our cuarto until next week, for the fumes and all that but that was the drama of this week. I'll never forget it!  I finally understand the phrase "don't let the bedbugs bite."  
Last night at about 2 am I killed my first scorpion. I was super scared actually, but I destroyed it.  I had to put on my adventure boots, and then it was easy!

We had changes, and I'm staying in Ixtapan AGAIN! wooohooo I was happy to be able to stay and take care of all the conversos  and members that we are working with here. but a little sad because I'm the only one who is staying in our district. It's always weird to say goodbye when you get used to a certain companion. 
But mi nueva compañera se llama Hermana Reyna (sister queen).
She seems GREAT I think we will get along super well. She was a cheerleader before too, and she loves sports and seems really happy and like a hard worker.  I feel like we will get a lot done this change :) 

 Hermana Schneider
the last zone pic of LAS TORRES!!!!!
Las Chicas

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