Saturday, June 18, 2016

May 9 Mother's Day

Yeah it was really good to talk to you guys yesterday, I hope you had a good mothers day!
This week has been super emotional for me. I just crying every day. I felt really alone being in the new area I think just because I was SO close to everyne in Claveria ,  so I don't feel like anything is the same here. but I am learning to love it the same. We are working hard and want to find lots of miracles, it's just been harder to feel unity and the spirit because of the differences. but we talked it out a little last night and I felt a lot better today.

Just a little miracle I forgot to tell you guys about yesterday..So we were getting ready for the baptism, and my companion was talking to her family while we were at our Mission Leader's house.  It was just one of those cool little things, because what happened is that we totally forgot to tell the elders to start filling up the font.  When we remembered it was about a half hour before the baptism was supposed to start.  We called the elders and they turned the water on, but we were pretty worried because it normally takes about 2 hours to fill.  I said a prayer and was just like Okay Father, we need your help, and we know that you will provide.  We got there and the font was completely filled.  I'm so grateful for His constant tender mercies.
This is Freddy! yeah his full name is Freddy, it's so goofy. because that's so not a common name here. 

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