Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 27 Loving IT!

Chasing some chickens
The day before our diet

Okay so this week has been great!!
My companion and I are so similar. Our personalities are super alike. So it's a blast and I'm learning a TON about myself haha. It's been kinda funny, because we both get annoyed at the same things, and I've realized that sometimes I can be an annoying person. It's pretty divine revelation that we are together because I've learned a lot. but it's good because we also get over things really fast, like one minute we are annoyed but the next we are laughing so it's all been really good :)
We had some pretty amazing experiences.
Idk if  I told you, but after tons of time without seeing her, Guillermina showed up to church last week. I turned around during sacrament and saw her and almost had a freak out. She is so cool.
Long story short, she hasn't had a place to live these past months, and was living with a less active.. but obviously that's not good so we taught her chastity and explained why she couldn't be living with someone even if they weren't dating. She accepted that, and went out to the DF to look for work to be able to get enough to rent a room somewhere. She comes back, starts working here as a security guard in Walmart, but works Sundays. She quits the job to be able to go to church, and just showed up. 
She is the most humble, trusting person I've known. It's incredible to me, we went to get her interview done on Wednesday, and we started singing a hymn. I asked her what her favorite was, and its 55, Dios da Valor. it's so perfect, she has no idea what's going to happen in the future, how she's going to find work and be able to support her 5 kids on her own, but she trusts completely in God.
Her baptismal service was really special. Tons of members came and we felt the spirit super strong. There was just a lot of love and support in the room, and she was so excited, laughing and letting out little ahhhhh screams haha. 
A really happy Sunday :)
Oh and one of the members adopted my dog max from the street, and we saw him on Sunday too.  
casi tengo el nopal en la frente 
(I'm so Mexican)
When we celebrated how old we are in months:(

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Conferencia de Zona Lerma-Zitácuaro

Bautismo de Guille :)

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