Saturday, June 18, 2016

May 23

Hey mom! I love you a lot <3
This week was alright, we didn't baptize this week so that was kinda sad because we were working aton with  an investigator named Jaquelin, but she kept saying she wasn't ready.  We will keep working with her. Then another really sad thing happened, we went to talk with Sayra, who is the absolute coolest but all her family are evangelists. everything was good and then all of a sudden  Sayra sent us abunch of texts saying she doesn't want us to pass by anymore, and I'm sure it was something her husband did to her. We went and talked to him this last week, and of course to us he said that he doesn't have a problem with her going to church and all, (he's super evangelista) but I'm really worried that he hit her or something, because she told us that he's got major problems with his temper (he went to jail for it before). I hate machistas, and it's really common here.  
It's so sad because she is super escogida, and feels the spirit so strong and identifies it. She LOVES church and the santa cena.  I get so mad when people try to take away the agency of others, Not even our Father in Heaven does that, so who do they think they are. ughh and Sayra was supposed to get baptized this week  but now we will have to find her and see what we can do. Just keep praying a ton I guess.

Things are getting a little better with my companion. I have to learn a LOT about charity, because it's something I really fail at, not getting annoyed so easily and being kinder in the way that I say things. Sometimes I'm way to direct about it and don't think about the feelings of others.. so that's where I'm at right now.

I'm excited to start working again, I love how we all work together in the office, is Haylee going to start this summer? how crazy :)
I'm glad the kids are almost done with school too, that will be a huge relief for you it sounds like. and its always fun, I love summers so much :)
I hope you guys are doing really good and I can't wait! Time is flying by super super fast, it's crazy and exciting but also scary all at the same time.
love you lots

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