Saturday, June 18, 2016

May 30 Ups and Downs

I learned a LOT about faith.
I've learned that we get to a certain level of faith, and God always wants us to keep progressing and growing. So he puts little trails of our faith, so we can decide again to either rely on Him or on us.  He helps us be more humble, so that we can really trust in our Savior Jesus Christ.  We have to decide to focus on our hope, and its honestly a decision we have to constantly make. It doesn't just come naturally.
When everything is dark, and we have no idea what's going to happen, or what's in store for us, we have to completely trust, it's the only way to be happy. I love what President Monson says "the Future is as Bright as your Faith"

but also a really good week.  like I guess just a ton of ups and downs, but the ups were :
we had an AWESOME baptism!
We worked a lot with an investigator named Leticia and her hija, and I really love them <3 Leticia has a pretty complicated situation, but she has a ton of faith. she wasn't sure about Joseph Smith or the  Book of Mormon, but she wanted to get baptized anyway, acting on just a desire to believe, and it was pretty incredible. 
Our zone ROCKED it this month. so today in about a half hour we are having a zone activity, volleyball, carne al pastor, the whole deal. I'm so excited because the elders are pretty hilarious. 
It was all thanks to the title of liberty we made I'm pretty sure. :)

We also got to go to the TEMPLE!.  its gonna be closed next week when my companion goes home, so they let her go this Friday, and I went with her. what an incredible experience. I understood SO MUCH MORE  than before... and I felt like I learned so much. I didn't get all the answers I wanted, but I felt peace, and sometimes that's all we need.  I think most of the time, God doesn't give us all the answers we want, just because He wants us to be humble and not worry and trust.

oh , and something else that happened, 
our Mission leader and his wife are SUPER cool, and I look up to them a ton. the way that they work in the church, and just a lot of things. anyways, la Hermana found out that she has breast cancer this week. it was incredible, they were getting back from the hospital after finding out, and we called them not knowing about anything, and asked if they could help us go over to another area to help with a baptism date that was for this week, and they stopped by and drove us over no problem. they just always put other people first, even when they are going through what for me would be a crisis.  I can't believe it.
Leticia and Joanna

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