Saturday, June 18, 2016

June 15 Saying goodbye to President Whitehead and his Wife

My companion and I, she's from Sonora, super cute. She goes  home in August

This week was crazy for me, we said goodbye to Presidente in Concilio Monday and then in conferences Tuesday.  He leaves in two weeks, but I won't see him or Hermana Whitehead again.  So crazy, because I always thought that I would leave with president, now he's going  home, so that means that time is ticking for me. ahhh

I literally love my new companion, Hermana Ramirez SO much. Its been a really fun week and a half, we get along super good and she's really fun hah. lots of laughs 

We are looking for new people to teach. Its been raining every day so we keep getting soaked. We found a cool couple, Martin y Cristina, and they have a fecha for my last Sunday, we are just praying tons that they can get baptized that day!! I love you guys a ton, and I'm glad you are having a good busy summer. Hope that things go well at work and everything too this week. 
Saying goodbye to Presidente.
we gave him the standard of liberty for his birthday

Saying goodbye to Hermana Whitehead :(

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