Saturday, June 18, 2016

May 16 More baptisms

This week has been crazy, we had to cover two areas because we are in a trio right now because the Hermanas in la Crespa had a bunch of problems. It's been a ton of going back and forth to the two areas.
We had two baptisms! It was really cool, two weeks ago we found an awesome kid whose family was super inactive, and he's ten, and we taught his family, got them to come back to church these past two weeks and he got baptized yesterday.
Love them a lot and Reynaldo, is a young adult super cool, super escogido, changed a TON of things in his life and got baptized yesterday too :)
We had a cool experience going home with him, we couldn't get a taxi to take us back to our area and take Reynaldo home.  It was like 8:30 at night.  Reynaldo said a specific prayer, asking the Lord to send us someone who would take us back for less than 50 pesos, and right when we said amen, we opened our eyes and there was a taxi, and he said he would take us for 50 pesos.  Reynaldo was super excited and it was just really cool to see the Lords loving hand in our every day lives.
Just cool tender mercies.
Oh and I want to tell you about another investigator that I just love a ton.  her name is Sayra, she is so so sweet. her whole family is evalgelista, idk they live right behind this temple and her spouse is super into it. so she was kinda afraid of getting to know the church and stuff.  But she went last week and this week and told us about her experience is was so cool . 
She said that she was pretty hungry (because we have church at 8 am and its a half hour away, so we have to pass by the houses of the investigators at like 7.. way too early on a Sunday ) because she didn't eat before, but she said that when she ate just that little piece of bread she felt so full and happy and content and peace.  and she couldn't even remember what the church was called but told her mom all about it when she got home. and when she prays, the spirit is so strong, so tangible I LOVE it. and she told her husband "I know that you and our kids are evangelists, but I'm going to be Mormon." and he just told her to do what her heart told her. That's a miracle in itself!!! I'm so excited for her.

I love you guys tons and hope you have another good week!

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