Saturday, June 18, 2016

June 6 New Companion

My best friend max <3 he just follows us around to the citas and sometimes we buy him tacos

We had a pretty good week, it was really weird though. because my companion was like experiencing her last everything, and I kept seeing myself in 6 weeks doing the same. The last Sunday is going to be the worst haha. yikes
It was really wierd and right now I just feel this urgency to focus and use every second of the time I have left here. I love mexico and I love this work.  I love being a representative of Jesus Christ.
We had a really stressful sunday haha. we were planning on having the baptism of Tania at 2:30 right after the stake conference... but then they told us that we couldn't because the lideres were going to be using the room, so just a lot of chaos, and waiting for Tania and her family to show up.. which they came JUST in time for the last talk of conference so it could still count as her assistance and she could still get baptized. it was funny, just little tender mercies, because we were calling and calling her and no one was answering so we just said a prayer, like "Heavenly Father, she's your daughter, we know she's ready to take this first step, she needs to get baptized, so just get her here on time please" and everything worked out fine. the Lord will always provide :)

So I'm really excited about being with my new companion too. Hermana Ramirez, she's from Sonora, and really chill :) she seems sweet and we have lots in common, so I am excited to finish my mission with her. she finishes in two cambios so we will work hard.
la Poderosa zona de Lerma

We go too crazy for carne al pastor :)

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