Sunday, May 1, 2016

April 18 - Trials

 So on Saturday, the Familia Salguero had us over for dinner, and made a TON of wings and carne asada.... I was in HEAVEN.
and note Hemano Salgueros Utah shirt... he just does that on purpose to bug us.
and I'm bringing the scrunchie back in style.  I bought a sick one the other day and wore it all week haah 
and we went and ate crepes today. eees for fun.
 I didn't take a tons of pictures but these are some cool ones  from Hermano's house Parque Villa, I just love the ciudad! 
Well this week was a week of pruebas, like the refiners fire. We feel like the Lord is seeing if we really REALLY want it, if we really want to reach our goals. Every fecha that we had fell, Danae, Aaron, Andres, Alejandro. We didn't baptize this week. We have been getting up early, fasting, praying all the time during the day, trying new things to find new people and people that are ready to be baptized.
We did find a really great new family, Rosario and her hija Fabiola. Rosario is a nurse, and has a complicated schedule, so she will have to miss church once every three weeks. But she is really excited about the message of the Restored Gospel!! Wow, we had some really great lessons with her this week. We contacted her in the street outside her apartment, and she told us to come on up and talk to her. She had a really good friend who is a member of the church, and she told us she's really interested to learn more. We talked to her and when we taught the restoration, she was super excited, she got on the LDS page the next day and read a bunch of conference talks and studied a ton of information about the church. Wow she is really escogida, and I'm excited for her to be baptized next change <3 I learned a lot teaching her, and seeing how excited she got. We take for granted a lot of things, especially the blessing of having the plentitud of the gospel in our lives. We gave her a book of Mormon on sunday, and she gasped and wouldn't stop thanking us. It was so sweet, and it makes me so happy to be out here as a representative of Christ, and a carrier of this great message :)
So even though everyone is falling through, and we don't have any possibles right now, I know that we will baptize before this change ends.
I'm also super grateful for my companion.  I have learned SO much from Hermana Gallacher, and I know there was definitely a reason that we came to the mission at the same time, and we were together for so much.  I have needed her to learn to be more humble, more serviceful and more obedient. The Lord knows exactly who I need, and I'm getting sad just thinking about how I've probably only got a week left here in Claveria. 
I love you a lot!!!  thank you for all your prayers <3
Hna Schneider

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