Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 11 Rebeca's Baptism

Rebeca and Viridiana y Hermana Sylvia.
We had Rebeca's baptism on Sunday! She was really happy. It was sweet, and her grandma Sylvia was super excited.  La hermana Sylvia probably has the most faith that I've ever seen, I love her a lot. she doesn't have much, she is so humble and relies 100% on the lord.  They don't have any money, but still somehow get to church in a taxi every sunday with her daughter who can't walk.  It's amazing.
What else, this week we are going to start something crazy..
Hermano Salguero gave me this book.. invocando los poderes celestiales. its the best book I've ever read, by Grant Von Harrison "drawing on the powers of heaven"

We decided that what we need in the ward is a miracle. a big one, we need to lift the spirit of the whole ward, and get the members attention.  They need to witness God´s power, and believe in it again.
We decided we want 12 baptisms. 6 in the next two weeks, 6 in the first two of May.
It's kinda sad because we have cambios on the 24th, so we don't know where I'll be. but even if I get transfered out, I know that Hermana Gallacher and her companion will keep working for this goal.
We are really excited. really nervous, but it's gonna be crazy.
I hope you guys have a really good week.  I love you all TONS!!!
hna schneider

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