Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 6 General Conference

Keeping the family tradition alive. We made the little egg activity for easter and did it with la familia Sanchez.  They loved it and loved experiencing a little of the american easter of finding eggs.
It was incredible. and my favorite thing is that I got to see how we really can receive all of the answers to our questions through the Spirit and the words of the Prophets.  I know that President Monson and the First Presidency and the Twelve Apostles and the Seventies are called of God.  I know that they speak for Him, and it really was Christ´s conference.  That's just so cool. The Church is TRUE guys!!!!
I loved all of it, but received a lot of strength from Elder Hollands closing talk especially. 

We have a really busy rest of the week planned, it's going to get pretty crazy. We just want to use every moment we have left together, Hermana Gallacher and I.  

We are teaching some pretty cool people, a part member family who we are trying to activate, they all went to conference and we have a fecha with Danae for the 17th, I'm really excited for them, because they could be really strong fro the ward when they all come back, full force :)
and teaching more of the Marquez family, Rebecca (who is the niece of Maribel and Carlos who got baptized) has her fecha for this week! she's really excited, and its been incredible seeing her just be so much happier in the past few weeks that she has been going to church. The spirit really changes people.

I'm so grateful for my Savior, I'm beyond grateful for missionary service. I realize more and more how the Lord doesn't need us out here, he doesn't need our help. The escogidos will get to the church, with or without us.  This time really is just so we can grow. and thats how it is will ALL service in the church. The Lord doesn't need us.  We NEED to serve.

I love you all the much!!!
hna schneider

La Reyna and I back at it.  I enjoyed catching up with here at concilio, she is the greatest!


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