Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 13 Playing Piano

My new companion
I'm loving this little town, it's gorgeous and super green hills all around. It's kinda touristy, so its got some nice parts too, that almost look like a little beach town, without the playa.
Hey, I just wanted to thank you for making me learn the piano. You and dad were right, I would need it on the mission. my little branch is super sweet, we have a little casa de oracion, kinda like Cuernavaca. The sacrament hymn this week was a bit of a DISASTER, but you know how mexican's sing so I feel like it didn't matter too much. 
I love this little branch, seeing the faith of the few members makes us so motivated to build it up! This week we saw a TON of miracles, I think I'm finally understanding that exact obedience brings BLESSINGS. We found 5 new investigators, and put baptism dates with each one, I'm so so excited for this cambio.  I'm So grateful to mi Padre Celestial for the blessings that I've received these past few weeks, the hard times and the wonderful ones, because I'm learning so much from each one. 
Words cant really express it.
I love you all the much!
4th of July

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