Friday, September 18, 2015

Sept. 14 Temple Rededication

Cristo Rey

La Lucha

Okay this week was great. I had an awesome experience at the Re-dedication of the Mexico City Temple!!!! I learned a ton, we got to go to two sessions, and both of the talks by Elder Jeffery R. Holland were amazing. I am so so grateful for temples, and for the restoration of the fullness of the gospel. 
We are so incredibly blessed to live in these days, when the priesthood is on the earth. and Elder Jeffery R. Holland gave an incredible talk where he spoke about the promises we made in the preexistence. 
"In our premortal state in the days of the great council of heaven, we made an agreement to the almighty. The Father presented the plan, and we accepted it. It was intended for ALL men. We, born in these days, with all the blessings of the priesthood, agreed then and there before God, to be in a sense, not only saviors for ourselves (by following the gospel of Jesus Christ) but measurably to be saviors for the entire human family. The plan became not merely the Father's work, or only the Savior's work. It´s our work. We promised our parents we would NOT forget them. "
I understand temple work in a whole new perspective. There is SO much to be done. and there is SO much missionary work to do! He talked about the missionaries too, and honestly Mexico is growing like crazy.  I know that I am solemnly obligated to work, to play my part, and to keep the promises I made. 
Mom I know its hard, but go to the temple with dad. And help the girls, so they can go too. There is so much work to be done.
In the first session, Elder Holland talked a lot about the sacrifice that the early saints made for each temple. I learned a ton that I didn't know before. but by the time they got to the Salt Lake Valley, after 4 days Brigham Young announced that they would build ANOTHER temple.  Elder Holland talked about how he would guess that many of the saints were wondering if this temple would ever get finished. Some might have been so exhausted with all the trials they'd been facing, and started to complain a little bit. Brigham Young said
"Some will inquire, do you suppose we will finish THIS temple Brother Brigham?  I Do not know, and I do not care. I've only every cared about one thing- Am I right before my Father in Heaven? If today I am right where my Father wants me to be, I don't care about tomorrow"
I loved that. 

Okay so that was Sunday. During the week we had some great lessons, had the interview with Alexis. 
Today we went to hike to the Cristo Rey, I'll send pics, it was a blast. 
I love Ixtapan. I love my crazy district. I love my companion. but mostly, I love this work. 
(and most of all I love my family.)

So Mason told me about getting stuck in the bathroom at the ward campout.  Sounds like the campout was fun, but yikes I would be freaking out if I got stuck in the bathroom, I'm glad you got out okay!!!!! and didn't get bit by the spider. 
I have to tell you about my spider bites, I think we have lots in our house, because every morning when I wake up I have new bites on my legs. at first we thought they were bedbugs but no, they're spider bites. and they swell up super big, but we are trying to get rid of them. but the other day I had a bad dream about all the spiders and couldn't sleep.
Hermana Schneider

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