Monday, August 17, 2015

Aug. 17 Angie's Baptism

Angie, 17, got an awesome testimony. It was a miracle that we found her, the other missionaries were teaching her but then stopped for some reason, and we found her one day in the street, and she wants to get baptized now. Makes me realize that no effort is wasted, like the other sisters might have thought they wasted time with Angie, because she wasn't progressing at the time, but it's all part of the plan.

This week was great, I fell down the stairs when we were cleaning the church though haha so my butt is literally black and blue, but it;s getting better.

Angie's baptism was on tuesday, which turned out really well because her mom and two brothers were able to be there. She's amazing, I'm really proud of her and her decision, because at first her mom wasn't very supportive at all. but with Angie's example her mom went to church on sunday and she's a LOT more receptive, I'm so excited for this family
So since we don't have a font in the casa de oracion(church), we baptize in a pool, in a hotel close to the church. The familiy that owns the hotel have seen LOTs of baptisms. When we stopped by on Monday to ask them to use the pool, we started talking to Alexis, he's 16. SUPER ESCOGIDO, we invited him to church, and he went all alone. We started teaching him the first lesson (restoration) and he started describing how he feels really confused with all the different religions that his family has. Like his mom is cristiana, his dad is "catolico creyente" and his aunt is jehovas witness and how he has been searching for a while to find the truth. I almost started crying, my companion and I were so excited to get to the story of Joseph Smith, we zipped through the lesson, and it was one of the most powerful moments of my mission, as we described the first vision.  Such a cool experience, I honestly feel blessed for the opportunity I got to know him, because there aren't many jovenes de 16 aƱos here that are searching to find the truth like he is. 
    We had a crazy sunday because of cambios, Hermana Bustamante had a hard time saying goodbye to everyone, and we were running all of Ixtapan, but ate lots of cake so that was fun. 
Oh and saturday we had an activity, a Tarde de Cine, and it ended up being super great. My companera and I made about 2 kilos worth of popcorn and we watched 17 Miracles. I can't believe I hadn't seen it before, but I cried like a baby. along with all the rama, so everyone bonded. SUCH a GREAT MOVIE!!! 
    My new companera is super great! super tiny, cute, with a huge smile. we will get along really well. her name is Hermana Vite, from Veracruz, Mexico. She lives close to a beach.  I love her already :) 
  I'm really happy, we have a ton of work to do here, and I really just want to see Ixtapan grow. I know that the Lord works miracles in so many ways. I'm so grateful :) 

Nothing else crazy to tell,  I'm just happy and super excited for this change with my new companion.

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