Sunday, August 30, 2015

August 24 Mexico City Temple Open House

My Companion, Hermana Vite and I at the Temple Open House
Okay here's what happened this week.
We had another GREAT lesson with Alexis, he has so many great questions, and is reading the Book of Mormon. Super excited for him, I'm just praying that he will receive a witness that the church is true powerful enough to give him the courage to be baptized, even when his family isn't too excited about it. But I know he will.
We got to go to the Mexico City Temple open house!! on Thursday, it was awesome. Such a great experience to be in the Lord´s house again. I am so grateful for temples. We had a few investigators go with us, I don't think I've told you about Javier yet. He has a major phobia of water, of a lot of things and has a few psychological problems. but has a huge desire to be a member of the church. We are working with him, he already has all the assistances and could be baptized tomorrow, but he's scared, terrified, and thinks that something bad will physically happen to him. So we are just praying that he will have the courage to do it. But he LOVED the temple, and things are looking good :) 
I love my new companion! Hermana Vite, she's from Veracruz (lives close to a beach :) and we get along SUPER well. We are very similar, and I'm just really excited for this cambio that we have together! 
I have great news, this saturday we will be having a conference with ELDER CHRISTOFFERSON!! so so excited, I will tell you all about it next week, but honestly I just feel super blessed for that chance we are going to have to listen to him. 

Those are basically all the updates for now. It's hard to remember all the little things that happen during the week haha but I'll try to be better with keeping you informed with how things are going. 

love you allll the much

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