Friday, August 7, 2015

July 27 Baptism of Gerardo

I'm still playing the piano and going to start giving lessons to a few young women so they can learn and play for the ward and not rely on the missionaries.
I am missing grandma a little over here too, wish I could share with her the experiences that I'm having, but I KNOW that she's working really hard in the spirit world helping convert people so it's cool to feel like we are doing the same work. 
Okay, about my week, we had an awesome baptism on sunday, in a pool in one of the hotels here because we don't have a font. His name is Gerardo, 28, and super awesome. He wanted to be a missionary, he literally shares the gospel with EVERYONE that he sees now. Has a few crazy ideas but super good guy. I'm really excited for our rama here, excited to see it grow :)
and we had some AWESOME experiences with a new family.

A crazy, incredible week we found an amazing family!  Yazmin, Jesus, her husband, and Maria, his mom, and their little 6 year old son Jordon.  Every lesson that we had with them this week was a blessing.  We feel an incredible spirit in their home.  On Tuesday we found them.  We went to teach their neighbors but they weren't home and Stefani (11 yrs old) asked us if we were going to visit Yazmin, (she was an old contact of the cambio before) and I was like, yeah, might as well.  They let us in and we started to get to know them.  I was just thinking the whole time this family is escogido(selected).  After teaching the First Vision the spirit was so strong, tears flowing and everyone silent.  I could almost hear the Spirit testifying to them of the truth of our message (not really but it was incredible)
Wait just kidding Wednesday was the First vision, and it was super awesome because we were working with Michel, a recent convert, and she's only 13 but has the greatest testimony, and really helped bring the spirit into the lesson.  Okay so Tuesday was also super great because we put a date for them to get baptized.
The best part is Jazmin told us about an illness that she has, a super bad pain in her stomach.  She's gone to a bunch of doctors and had lots of tests done to figure out the cause, but they couldn't figure it out.  At the end the doctors said it's something pyschological.  Who knows but it's been super  hard for her, she can't work and has to be in the house all day.  Hermana Bustamante and I explained how she could have a priesthood blessing, and if she had FAITH she could be healed.  Thursday the Elders came to do the blessing but SADLY I was on intercambios and in Toluca so I wasn't there.  But the best was Friday.  Yazmin and Jesus aren't married so we have to marry them before they can get baptized.  Friday we went in and taught a super sweet lesson with the Family Proclamation and Chastity.  But what really brought the spirit was the opening prayer by Yazmin.  She starts out thanking her Heavenly Father for her family, health, food, normal things and then she starts crying.  She thanks Heavenly Father for healing her because now she doesn't feel the pain.  I'm crying, my companion's crying, I almost couldn't believe it.  All during that day of intercambios I was praying in my heart for her,that she would have the faith necessary to work this miracle.
I KNOW that the priesthood is the power and authority of God.  It was restored first to Joseph Smith and I am so grateful.  I can't believe I get the chance to witness little miracles like this every day!

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