Monday, August 17, 2015

Aug.10 Lots of pictures! I love Mexico


They call me chica herbalife
We are teaching Araceli who has her own little club. shes convincing me to start one when I get back in AZ. Gotta love it!
Adventure days in El Salto

Mi México!  This place is straight out of a fairy tale
Jazmin and her family aren't doing too well, her husband (Jesus) still hasn't really gained a testimony, and he decided to go back to his other congregation... so hasn't come to church yet, and this week Jazmin didn't come and it's just a little frustrating becuase she wants her family to be united, but has a testimony of the power of the priesthood, so it's all a little confusing and complicated. We need lots of prayers. 
Our baptism fell through this week, but I'm sure everything will go well for this week. Her name is Angie, I've explained a little in my other emails. super great though.  I got rid of the lice pretty much, but it was awful!
This week will be busy and we have cambios next week. This cambio went by wayyyy to fast!
I'm loving Ixtapan though.  I had a great little adventure today, we hike up to an old church from the 16th century and explored a bit. super cool, it was a really good way to just destress :) I'll send lots of pictures!
Conejo Cereal!  Used to eat it when we lived in Cuernavaca

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