Tuesday, May 5, 2015

April 20 New Companion from Wyoming

My new companion Hermana Wailes-Putman

 This week felt so long, I feel like so much has happened!  It probably felt super long because it was all new again!  But it was so good!  I love my companion Hermana Wailes-Putman straight from the farms of Wyoming,  She is blast, a great teacher and I've got tons to learn from her.  And she is goofy so we are having a blast.
I love this AREA!  I've met some amazing members and we are teaching a family who are just so much fun.!  We call them the familia de Nancy - Nancy is 17 and she was the first to get baptized.  It's Nancy, and her 3 older brothers - Ivan, Cesar, and Oscar but they have like a few other friends living there too.  It's just a giant party house.JK it's not a party house but it's always super fun and crazy.  They have lots of problems, but it's been AMAZING this week to start to feel the changes and to feel the spirit working with them.  The mom and dad, Bianca and Jesus, still aren't sure if they want to accept the Gospel and be baptized, it's hard when Bianca works a ton and can't be there for the lessons.  We've got the baptism date for this week on Saturday for Cesar and Ivan.  We are so excited and doing everything possible so they will be ready!

I just can't describe how much I love them.  We all get along really well already.

Okay I wanted to tell you about my area.  It is so cool, I'm in the D.F. now as I was in the estado de Mexico before.  There's a huge Plaza call Plaza Toreo.  The ward is called Loma Hermosa and Stake Culturas.  There is also a cemetery called Pantillon Frances.  So you can look it up on a map if you desire.  It's awesome, a little more sketch than my area before but shouldn't have any problems.

My favorite thing right now is the pan.  They've got panederias on every corner and you're walking by and it always smells so good HEAVEN.

Oh, we worked with President this week, so casual, He sent us a text saying "Hey can I work with you guys today?"  We were kind of freaked out.  But it went super well.  Just contacted and had him meet the familia of  Nancy and everything was fine.

We went to the temple again this week to go to the doctor for Hermana Wailes-Putman.  She has problems with her legs.  She's supper tough about it though.

I am just getting to know the families and trying to learn the  language more.  Love you
Hermana Schneider

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