Tuesday, May 5, 2015


President  and Sister Whitehead
Wow, okay Mexico is going to be wild. and I guess I'm in a pretty nice area of the city. and my companion seems super sweet, she's from Argentina.
I HATED saying goodbye to my district, it was SO sad, they are my family out here. I learned to love them all so much, it's so weird that we won't be together anymore. The last few days of the CCM were AWESOME though. ah I loved it so much and saying goodbye to Hermana Erikson and my comp Hermana Gallacher was the worst. We've been together since the airplane, it's going to be so weird.
Some of my favorite teachers
My mission president seems really cool, they are VERY strict in this mission though. they took all my music, it has to be motab or have the official logo of the church.
I think I'm here to learn obedience. seriously, because I think I have a little rebellious streak in me, idk because little rules bother me. but today I've been praying for help and I know that obedience WILL bring miracles.
Before we all left, the elders in our district all gave us priesthood blessings. what an amazing experience. I am SO excited to work, to learn and to get accustomed to mission life.
In the blessing he promised that I would be able to work miracles, and bring families to the gospel, if I am obedient.  I am so excited!
It has been a very overwhelming past few hours, I don't know how I'm EVER going to find my way around this city. but I'm definitely ready to learn. AH I love you , I'll have more to tell next week I'm sure!!!
have an awesome week mom, and tell everyone I love them!
Hermana Schneider

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