Tuesday, May 5, 2015

January 29 Made it a week in Mexico!

Mexico City West Mission
Wow, this was such a fun week. It's hard to know where to start because it feels like sooo long ago since I left. 
The first Wednesday was pretty crazy, of course saying goodbye at the airport was a little hard, but I'm so blessed because there were two other hermanas at the aiport going to the same mission as me, and they are both rooming with me and one is my companion! She's super cute, Se llama Hermana Gallacher, (the dark haired one). We get along super well, and we have such a blast. The moment we saw Mexico city from the airplane window, my only words were "oh shoot." it's giant and it's all concrete houses but it's gorgeous. we already love it here, the weather is perfect.

The CCM is awesome!  We study all day, just learning spanish and learning how to teach. but "eets the bessst" (nacho libre quote guys).
I love our teachers and our district is so cool. All of the Elders are super nice, and they all have such strong testimonies. We spend all day together with classes and I literally love every single one of them. 
I can´t even really explain the spirit of the MTC. Everyone is happy and always saying hi to each other, i cant even tell you the amount of times I say "hola, buenos días!"  We pray probably 25 times a day, just all the time, and I´ve already learned so much.  The days are already starting to blend together, but Sundays and Tuesdays are the GREATEST.  We have devotionals and get to have time to just talk as a district together afterwards, it´s awesome. 
oh on Sunday I was the first speaker... yeah in spanish. They just randomly call like 2 missionaries from each district up to speak. I wasn´t prepared at all because I didn´t think they would call us up because it was our first week, but it was funny because that morning I totally felt this prompting to just take a look at the topic and prepare a little something just in case. Yep follow the spirit  because it makes everything in life so much easier. 
My spanish is actually coming along super well, I owe it all to my Dad for taking us out to Mexico. It's so nice to be able to communicate with all our teachers and the latinos and to not have to stress about it too much. And already I feel like I'm speaking so much better than I was before. It´s all through the Lord´s help though, that´s for sure, because I never was able to speak very confidently before. 
Mirror pic as we are sooo excited for Gym
So yeah, studying all day gets pretty hard... so I LIVE for GYM TIME.  We get like an hour in the afternoon to go do whatever, and it´s our FAVORITE. haha but really, we have just been playing awesome games of volleyball with the Elders in our branch, and it keeps us sane. The food is fantastic, I drink my Jamaica juice for almost every meal... which is probably not good because that's a lot of sugar. Oh my gosh and then today at lunch i spilled a whole cup of it all down my dress. Yep, it was absolutely ridiculous. The district calls me the problem child... which is awesome because I'm older than all of them.  

It has been such an incredible week. We have been teaching this "investigator" every day in spanish, His name is David Barbosa. He is awesome, the lessons are my favorite part of the day. My companera and I have a lot to learn, but we always feel such an incredible sense of love whenever we get to talk to him. I'M SO EXCITED TO GET INTO THE FIELD!!  The lessons were rough at first, Hermana Gallacher doesn't know a ton of spanish so that's tricky. But we cover for each other and it always goes well. I have so much to learn from her.

I´m so thankful for this incredible opportunity to be out here. There is nothing I want more than to be apart of this "marvelous work".  Getting to wear that name tag every day is such an awesome reminder of that responsibility that we have to bring others to Christ.  I´m happier than I could possibly describe, and I know that this Gospel is the way to true peace.  I´m so thankful for all of you, and all of your support!! 
I don't have a lot of time, so this is all I can write about, but love you all!!
Love Hermana Schneider

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