Tuesday, May 5, 2015

March 9 Feel Like a Puppy

Okay so the field is great.
I don't have a ton of time, but iI could tell you stories on stories.  I'm in a super nice area, Santa Monica, and it's very "fresa" fancy, for Mexico at least, and one of the safest, so no need to worry about that.
It's been crazy overwhelming honestly. my spanish sucks, but I'm learning patience out here, because it's good enough for one week I guess.
New Companion
My comp is awesome. Her name is Hermana Guiroga, super nice and we get along really well. I have to buy a camera cord so I can send pics sometime.
It's just frustrating because I am NO help to her, she basically does all the work and I follow around like a puppy trying to learn everything.
My teaching skills aren't great either, but yeah I have a lot to improve on.

The members area awesome!!! so nice, feed us tons, very welcoming! except the obispo, I guess he doesn't really like the sisters for some reason and wants elders, but we are working on improving that relationship!

We have a baptism for next Sunday! which is awesome. and hopefully we have a family that will progress, they work a ton so we can only teach them on Saturdays, familia Costa, but the first lesson went super well. The dad is in the military so I guess he works on Sundays too, but hopefully we can get her to come to church anyway. ah I love them, I already love the people tons!!

My house is actually really crappy it's funny. We live in a rich area so the rent is WAY expensive, therefore a tiny apartment. but it's an adventure I love it. 
We do our dishes in the bathroom, which doesn't have electricity and stack all the clean ones on the toilet. nasty but funny and its just one room and the bathroom. but its fine, and we actually might be moving into a way nicer one, without the mold and spiders haha which rocks. we find out this week. 
I haven't been sick yet, which is a blessing, but I don't wanna jinx it

Saturday we bought street tacos... one of the highlights of my week YUMMMMMM
I hope everythng is going well!! i miss you all TONS, but im SO grateful to be out here. It's a weird kind of happiness I'm not super entertained, but I'm happy.
have a good week!!
hermana schneider 

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