Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Look out Mexico here we come!

Hola Everyone!!!
Everything´s moving along over here at the Ce Ce Eme.  I'm still loving it, time is starting to move faster haha its only been three weeks but the first two felt like two months. I can´t really remember life before this, it´s so weird. 
Our lessons were great this week, we have two "investigators" who are actually our teachers but they are way awesome, and it's crazy how you can feel such an awesome spirit as we try to help people come closer to Christ.
Thank you everyone for your emails, they make me sooo happy hearing from you all and it means more than you know.

Okay let me talk about the food for a second.. you know me.  The comedor has some AWESOME stuff, I literally just make awesome tacos every day, like lunch and dinner, I can't get enough.  
And we go to the tienda every day and buy a ton of crazy good cookies and the greatest juice on the planet.  AND MANGOS.... I live on them they're that good here. yummmmm. honestly I can't have a bad day here because the food makes me so happy. 

So yeah, the days are starting to fall into a solid routine, and the Spanish is rolling. We have the CUTEST latina girls that live in our casa, they´re so funny, and they´ve been helping me learn a ton. It´s just good to talk with native speakers.  There are certain days when we are supposed to speak "solo español"... those are the worst, its annoying to not be able to express anything in English with my compañeras. 
OH but the other day I was with my hermanas and this guys who works here asked us a question, and I started answering but he gave me the WEIRDEST look, I was like oh crap like I'm saying something totally wrong. But then he told me he was shocked because I sounded like a latina! That was the GREATEST compliment I´ve ever ever gotten hahaha.

Last Sunday was incredible. Sundays are the greatest because we get to kinda focus on ourselves and just relax and learn from the spirit. As missionaries, we are trying to become as Christlike as possible, to be good representatives of Him. Sunday we talked a ton about patience, and you should all go read the talk by Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "Continue in Patience". It's awesome, so this week I've been trying to focus on "patient persistence", on continuing through the difficult times, and not getting easily frustrated with others around me and especially myself.  Yeah I have a lot to work on though!
I love the scripture in Alma 26:27-30 
OH and on Sunday it´s movie night, the GREATEST, we watched Meet the Mormons this week, haha it´s funny how much you enjoy just ANY movie as a missionary. 

After Sundays you get to look forward to Tuesdays, Devotional night. Always great speakers, and no night class, AND pizza for dinner. Three good things make your day.

Then you just have to make it to P day, today was way awesome. 
We had a little district jam sesh on one of the pianos, that's always a blast, and I love just being outside in pants in the sun :) And I had to do some standing tucks today, (mom I was forced to because I didn´t want to get showed up by the Elders, don't worry, my ankles are fine) So that was fun, it made me kinda miss cheer though.

I hope you all have an awesome week!!! Love you all

Spanish joke of the week :
¿How many stars are in the sky? 
- cincuenta (sin cuenta) jajaja 
you gotta know spanish for that one. 

OKAY this week we got two...

-Como se dice un zapato en ingles??
       ....        "a shoe" (say it in an accent)
- Salud. 

"The Lord will give you the capacity, YOU just gotta do the WORK" 

Love you all!!!!
Hermana Schneider

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