Tuesday, May 5, 2015

February 25 LAST WEEK IN CCM!

Hey guys!!!! okay this week has been psycho crazy actually!!
Soooo Friday was the greatest day of my life...
I got letters from my family and from Alex! okay I'm not kidding I've been praying for mail to come like every single day, missionaries always say its the greatest thing ever, but I'm not kidding it's actually the GREATEST thing ever.
Saturday was the best actually, we had 70 volunteers for TRC! I don't know if I've really explained what that is yet, but its the freaking bomb. We get to practice teaching members or less active members or just people off the streets. So cool, it made me soooo excited to get out in the field!! So a whole stake of primary kids showed up for a primary activity, so we got to teach like 5 "families" each. OH MY GOSH the kids are the CUTEST. so funny, I can barely understand them though because they talk like 50 miles an hour and super quiet haha but let me tell you, it was a blast. It´s a whole different thing to teach kids instead of just adults, but wow it's so fun. I love how simple the gospel really is, and it was awesome practice to be able to teach doctrine simply so that kids can understand it. Ah it was so fun. Plus they drew us pictures and stuff so that was way cute.
OKAY so Saturday I was doing TALL... (the worst part of every day.. its spanish stuff on the computers, but its SO boring.) But someone had downloaded Glorious by David Archuleta on the computer and I was going hard all during TALL. That song was a sign. because in the afternoon we started hearing the rumors... David Archuleta was at the CCM!
Yeah you can imagine the craziness that caused, sister missionaries running around trying to find Him it was hilarious, the most exciting thing that's happened since I've been here.
Okay but we heard that he was going over to reception, which was very interesting because in fact we needed to run over to reception to ask them for a key to a different casa so we can have hot water in our showers (yeah I showered in the freezing cold, it really wasn't that bad, I was pretty proud of not having to be high maintenance) But since my roomies had to go to reception to ask about the water situation ANYWAYS, we figured we might as well go and if we happen to run into David Archuleta, then I wouldn't be mad. It was so funny, we were chillin at the reception desk talking to the lady and yep the entire MTC Presidency walks in with David Archuleta and that Awesome boxer girl from Costa Rica from Meet the Mormons. Then get this, President Tenorio, who is the coolest guy on the planet, is just like "hey girls, you want to meet David Archuleta" (you gotta picture him saying this in his goofy accent haha) and were all like uh yeah! obviously. So we got to talk to them, I LOVE that girl, her name is Carolina, she's in such good shape it's ridiculous and she's so cool. We just talked about what missions we are going to and all that. AH so so fun. It's funny because we are actually such good friends with the MTC presidency, they LOVE us. Like I've had interviews with President Call a ton, and I talk to Sister Call a bunch, since day one at the CCM... and then Hermana Erikson knows Presidente Tenorio super well, it's just funny because they wouldn't have welcomed us over like that if we weren't super close with them. I love it. 
Sister Erickson

My Friend Sydney Holt from AZ!
So that's about it for Saturday, then Sundays are always the absolute best. Mi compaƱera and I got to teach sunday school which went super well, We talked about obedience and I shared the story about the Kite, I was super sad because I didn't have the actual poem, but it was okay. 
Some of my favorite quotes from Sunday :

"the price you pay to become acquainted with God is a privilege to pay"  Someone talked a little about the pioneers and this is a quote from one of the early saints who crossed the plains. I love it. but its great and all to marvel at how faithful and how courageous they were, but like Elder Bednar said, "So what? What are YOU doing NOW?" I love that.

Sister Gallacher
OH my gosh, we watched a talk by Jeffery R Holland, the greatest. It was about true conversion, how missionaries have to be converted BEFORE investigators can be, and the importance of enduring to the end in our lives. He Talked about the apostle Peter, and how after Christ died, the apostles returned to their nets, they went back to fishing. They went back to their old ways. Christ visited them again, and asked Peter three times, Do you love me? when He replied yes, The savior commanded, "then feed my sheep". We need to continue on the path FOREVER. to Feed His sheep FOREVER, not just on our missions, or just for a few years. By being baptized, we have left our old ways behind, and all of us need to keep following the example of Christ, until the very end. I loved it, plus Elder Holland is such a powerful speaker.

The rest of the week has been great. Except I've been way sick, pretty bad stomach issues, haven't eaten much the last few days. But its still good, learning lots, the whole deal! 
I hope you all are having a FANTASTIC week!!! 
Love you all so much,
Hermana Schneider 

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