Tuesday, May 5, 2015

February 18 Happy Valentine's Day

Mason's birthday wish
SO heres the update for the week, nothing too crazy happened! 
Happy Valentines day!

Wait, Oh my gosh k so I have to tell you about one of our presidentes here at the CCM. He is the COOLEST guy ever, I LOVE all of his devotionals and all that. But not only are they super good and spiritual... he straight up sounds like GRU from despicable me. ITS HILARIOUS. and my hermana Erikson does the Perfect imitation of gru... its so funny. we basically all speak like gru when we aren't talking in spanish. So everything he talks about is always based on the temple and the Holy Ghost. Ah its so awesome. 
But its SO funny, because he's like " Do you know about Patrick Henry" and were all like yeah.. and he's like "Give me the temple or give me Death! that is our motto! because without the templo, no eternal life!"
idk you have to just say it in a gru accent and it's the funniest thing.

So we went to the temple today!! it isn't in our mission, and we just rode a bus over there from the CCM, but oh my goodness it was gorgeous. We couldn't go in sadly, because they are renovating, but it will be rededicated sometime during our mission so hopefully we will all be able to go in then!!
We have LOTS of pictures, and the visitors center was super nice, and we got to do a little shopping so I bought a SICK backpack. I'm going to wait till I get into the mission for scripture cases and all that but I'm way excited. Plus its fun just getting out of the CCM, and taking in all the crazy sights of the city. so that was awesome

The Temple

Our favorite latinas who lived in our casa left this week, that was super sad :( we had a lot of fun with them.

And we are in a new zone! They dissolved our old one, so that's why we have the new schedule and p day. but our new zone is BOMB. there are TONS of hermanas, which rocks, and we all have gym time together, so we go into the bike room and throw on some sick primary songs kids bop version and workout together. 

It's been a good week, honestly these weeks are starting to fly by. the first two were SO LONG, but the last two went really quick. that gives me some hope haha.

I'll try to send lots of pictures! Thank you again for that package, it made my ENTIRE week and valentines day! and I can't wait to get your letters! love you all the much
Her Package from Home on Valentine's Day

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