Tuesday, May 5, 2015

March 16 We moved Casas!

We didn't have the baptism, but definitely next! We had stake conference too, it was way stressful trying to get our investigators over there. 
Ah I miss you guys tons whenever I think about all of us together here in Mexico, which is pretty often because there are LOTS of familiar things. like whenever I see a Mega(grocery store), or a little moto, or things like that.
I'm glad you had a good stake conference! I'm getting PUMPED for general ah so excited.

This week was emotional. all over the place. I was super stressed out, the language and teaching, I want to be better than I am. and it's just hard to connect with and get to know the members super well when you cant speak very well. ah but it will come in time, I need to learn PATIENCE.  Ah but there are so many promises that the words will be there if I have the spirit with me, so I was super discouraged the other day. and its hard when you go to an appointment with members or investigators and they don't talk to you at all, just to my companion its frustrating. 
So I had a little breakdown the other night when we got to the casa, but I just decided to work harder to speak and not have any fear, and already things are getting a LOT better.

We moved casas! That was another stress of the week, The member who we rented from before is kinda psycho, and didn't want us to leave,.. for the money. but the house was a mess so we moved in to the new one today and its super nice! I'm super happy, with all my experience moving it went super fast. my comp was super stressed, but I was like nawww this will be cake I'm a missionary I barely have anything. 

We went with a member to a super nice mall today with an awesome view of the city°!!°! 
What a view!

We have an AWESOME new investigator!!!  he's so great, Humberto, about 75, so interested in the gospel. The first lesson we showed up at his house (after contacting him in the street the day before) , and he had the restoration pamphlet all ready on the table with two sprites for us and everything. He completely understood the restoration and basically taught the whole lesson to us. ah so awesome, and then the next day when we stopped by to drop off the Book of Mormon, he had a list of all the books in the Book of Mormon with all the page numbers and summaries that he printed off from the internet. ah how cool is that. he's reading, and went to conference with us and loved it. I'm stoked.

Kristina so cute and wants to be a cheerleader and her Mom gives us good food!
This week I also felt super thankful.. Just being in this country that is so different from home, the way of life and the standard of living. I feel so grateful for everything that the Lord has blessed me with, my family, my home, and especially this chance to serve as a missionary. 

love you  LOTS! 
Hermana SChneider.

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