Tuesday, May 5, 2015

March 23 Two Months in Mexico

HOLA everyone!! 
So this week was awesome! Tuesday we had an incredible lesson with our investigator Humberto. We started teaching the plan of Salvation, and it was so good, It's awesome to see how prepared he really is to receive the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has such a desire to experience this change in his life. We all felt the Spirit and during the lesson my companera and I started talking about the importance of Baptism. I don't remember what I said but we committed him to be baptized. (I was super nervous but after I was freaking out) Then he started essentially sharing his testimony with us. Talking about why he knows that God lives and how he can see his faith growing. He said He feels super good and that we convinced him... But he told Hermana Quiroga and I that we were like angels, sent to help him. At this point I'm crying, but it was an experience I really needed. THIS is why I'm here, I kept thinking over and over again. 
The whole week was full of ups and downs, but that definitely was a high point of the week.
Another awesome experience was yesterday, Sunday, the baptism of Rene!

He is great, so willing to do whatever it takes to follow Christ. HE works a ton, he's 23 and has a crazy work ethics and his job is everything in his life. But he decided not to show up to work on Sunday so he could be baptized this week. He has an incredible testimony. 

I have a lot of work to do, and a ton to learn but its been a good week!
Well, I made it two months!!! only 16 left to go  jk I can't think like that or I might cry. 
but I want to share a quick scripture with you all...
2 Timothy 4:7
"I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the Faith"

Pizza and Coke hi-lite of the week!
Wow I love that. not only do I want to be able to say those words at the end of my mission here in Mexico, but at the end of my life. We have to try to do a little better every single day, keep working to be more like Christ, and make time for the little things.  THAT'S enduring to the end.

So yeah, mission life is way different, it's difficult at times, but SO worth it. I miss home, i miss a lot of things, like normal music , it's bad, but I'm so glad to be out here.
Hermana Schneider

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