Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Jan 21 Made it to the MTC!

Adios Hermana Schneider
Momma Preul gave me a bag for the Mission

My flight!

Hey! I made it to the CCM and its awesome, the hermanas that we saw in the airport are both in my little house and Hermana Gallacher ( the dark hair ) is my first compaƱera!
Hermanas from the airport
Seriously it´s been sick, we all love the MTC already, I love these hermanas. I'm so so lucky haha.

Let everyone know!! Like all my friends and everyone. I love you all so much, I'm actually so happy and so excited, which is funny because everyone who finds out we are new are all apologizing and telling us that it gets better... but honestly I have two best friends already and they were with me on the plane ride and now we live together and going to the same mission. so excited. 
LOVE YOU! tell everyone I love them tons

My P-day is on Thursday, tomorrow doesn't count I guess, but you will get my first actual email next Thursday!

Mexico is so great, they still drive like psychos, but on the ride to the MTC I was just soaking it all in, can't wait to get out into that concrete jungle.

Hermana Schneider

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