Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 4 Oscar's baptism

Oscar's baptism
Okay, I decided to send out a Little update from this week :) it was a really good one 
so Monday we spent basically all pday hanging out with the familia Garcia Zermeño. They bought us Dominoes so we basically just ate pizza all day. Such a blast, so chill, and it made my week honestly.
Tuesday i went out on intercambios with Hermana Thornhill. SUCH a blast! shes another from the AZ crew, shes from Tempe, and we just got to know each other and we connected pretty good . She loves baby mama, so we quoted it all day between contacting and lessons.
and she let me try on her luchador masks so i basically went a Little psycho with her that night. Such good missionary fun ,but seriously it was awesome. I learned a ton from her as well, she has an awesome work ethic, and i want to be a missionary like that.
Wednesday we met the CRAZIEST lady.
She calls herself "la Maestra Conchita". basically just SUPER beyond catholic, and she like raps about Jesus and I'm not kidding she can talk for like two hours and you cant say a single Word. Its like shes constantly putting on a play right in front of you. she can't talk sitting down, has to stand up and act it out, like straight Shakespeare soliloquy. i cant even explain how funny and entertaining it was to just listen to her talk.  we met with her again on Saturday  but we wont get anywhere with her because she wont let us teach.  But it was an experience.
Jueves and Viernes we were both a Little sick. kinda sucked.
Sábado it rained a ton! It was super fun, we just ran around soaking wet. and then at 9 pm we had to go out to the church and clean the baptism Font, that was a Little hard walking back in the rain, but just another funny experience.
and Sunday was the best!! Oscar´s baptism, the last of the siblings of the familia Garcia!  Ah i cant describe how happy they make me. Seeing the changes in each of their lives, even though its been super hard. It was fast Sunday and Cesar fasted and on Sunday asked me where he could pay his fast offerings, could have cried I was so proud! And Ivan is looking into serving a Misión already, he's the oldest, 24, but he really wants to.

I am so grateful for the blessings we saw this week. The little miracles of each day, and the Little things i get to experience here and learn from. But most of all I am grateful for the knowledge that we have of our Father´s Plan for us.  It is precious and we HAVE to share it. I never really understood how blessed we are until i got to the misión.

love you all, that's basically what went down this week :)
love Hermana Schneider

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