Tuesday, May 5, 2015

March 30

Okay so this week was kinda crazy!
Wednesday was the GREATEST: we got up at like 4 am to go to Toluca, for the reunion de los nuevos! I saw my hermanas again!! so so so so so happy. We  cried. they're all doing really good. Gallacher and Hardy are out in little pueblas, and hma Erikson is in Toluca.
I'm the only one out in the ciudad. but ah I'm litteraly going to pray sooo hard that by about 9 months hma Erikson and I are comps because that would be crazzy sick.}
Oh my gosh though I was so stressed Thursday. we had intercambios, and I stayed in my area. Literally the most stressful 24 hours of my life. Because I barely know where I'm going, where the houses are of the investigators and members, and how to get home  but I made it alive. and the capacitadora helped a lot, shes really cool, Hermana Jimenez. I learned a lot, that's for sure.
we found four new families this week! I'm not sure that all will progress, but we've got faith!
We have three futura fechas, good ole Humberto, Luis Miguel, and Jasmine. Hopefully more coming soon, ah its a marvelous work!
I don't want to change areas, because we've found so many new people to teach, and with the minimum of 5 asistencias to baptize, I need to be here next cambio! but I'm always down for a change too, so we will see.
The women's conference Saturday was INCREDIBLE right-!   I loved how much the talks focused on FAMILIES:  we need to strengthen our families against the adversary, because man he's working hard, so lets work harder. I loved the analogy of the pop cans. When our homes are full of light and truth of the gospel,Satan will not be able to have any effect on us. 
and I LOVE the primary song "The family is of God" I used to cry in primary when the kids would sing it. I definitely thought of home a lot during the conference, and of the new families that we are teaching.  but I hope you guys liked it too!
and I hope everyone is STOKED for conference this weekend. YESS I can't wait. 
love you all, have a good week!
Hermana Schneider

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