Tuesday, May 5, 2015

April 27 Four baptisms

Hola!  This week was a lot of things!  Mostly trying to get Cesar and Ivan totally ready for their baptism.  But it turned out great.  A little chaotic but all that mattered was that they were ready and felt the spirit!  

Okay, well Tuesday I hit my three month mark out here.  Crazy!, I feel like it's been so long since I left, just because my life is so different out in the mission I guess.

Nancy gave me a book of all the pamphlets that she made!  so stinkin cute, I'll send a picutre, she's so awesome and she knew i wanted one.  Nancy is perfect, we just want her to break up with her loser boyfriend for good.  They broke up this week but then got back together, it's okay, we all have bad taste in boys at age 17 right?

It's been super hot this week.  We've been working super hard to meet the pisos,(the weekly mission goals) and I'm drained.  But pretty content at the same time.  I've been having a blast with Hermana Wailes-Putman.  It's nice having a companion from the states to joke around with and tell funny stories.  But it's not as good for my spanish.  I'm still struggling with grammar and I don't want to have a bad American accent.

Okay so the baptisms-  On Saturday we got to the church at like 5:30 a.m to start filling the font.  We ran back home and got all ready and then went back looking for Nancy's family, well mostly Ivan and Cesar to get them going so they wouldn't be late.  We finally got everyone to the church at 9:30 when the baptism was supposed to start.  Okay but let me explain, there's a primary program going on too, so everyone is setting up for that and the plan was to do the baptisms and then everyone goes over to the primary program.  We were baptizing 2 children as well.  The family was a little less active but now they're coming back to church.  Maximino is 9 and is blind and a super cute kid and their daughter Andrea is 8.  Okay so basically the primary president wasn't there, she left for like an hour and didn't want us to start without her and Maximino and Andrea didn't get to the chapel until like 10:20.  But here's the worst part.  We show up and President and Sister Whitehead are waiting and everything is straight chaos.

Anyways it was a little crazy but it ended up being awesome.  Cesar was crying after and it was so cute I just wanted to give him a hug.  I love this work.  I love this family.  I'm loving Mexico with all the weird little things that happen.  I LOVE IT!

"We don't obey because we're blind, we obey because we see" Boyd K Packer

Ivan told us on friday
"ever since you have walked into my life, I have seen things start to change. suddenly I have a great job, I'm way happier, and getting along with my family more.  I know that these are blessings" ah it was so great to hear that, hes awesome!

love Hermana Schneider

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