Thursday, May 21, 2015

May 18 Super Sick

Just a few updates from this week....
Tuesday we had to say goodbye to Cesar Omar and Jesus, they both went to Costa Rica for a tour, (Jesus is in a band and Cesar went with him). SUPER SAD, since intercambios are next week and we don't know if one of us are getting transferred out. But Cesar wrote us little letters, I can't even describe how much it made my entire three months of the mission.  First of all, he starts it off with 
"Libro de Omar" and in the corner there's a little " 1 OMAR 1:1-5" just like in the scriptures hahha, and the entire thing is written in little verses, just ridiculous. I don't know where he comes up with all this stuff, but it was the sweetest letter I've ever gotten. Honestly, I can't believe how blessed I've been out here. We come out to try to change other peoples lives, teaching them about the gospel of Jesus Christ, but I feel like it's me changing . These people mean so much to me, because they are incredible examples and I've learned SO MUCH from them. 
 We were sick on Wednesday... funny story... 
So we decided to take a taxi towards the house, because we were super far away and my companion was like ya I'm done, we gotta go back home. We were in the taxi, just contacting the driver like, hi were missionaries, the whole deal. and then we pull up and my companion  just opens the door and pukes all over the street, a lot, and I'm just like here, here's a few extra pesos, this is why we are going home, continuing to talk to the taxista while my companion keeps throwing up.  The taxi driver thought we were psychos. 
So we had intercambios the next day, I was still feeling pretty crappy, but I worked with Hermana Thornhill again and she's awesome so we still had a blast! pics attached....
she has two luchador masks. We had a lot of fun that night.  
we didn't sleep at all, so that made the next day more difficult. 
We are still just looking for nuevos to teach. and just getting through the week, it felt pretty long.
That's basically it, the highlights of the week.
love you all the much!

ps the picture is of us doing the mexican "gracias" hand thing. It's so funny because now it's like a habit, but it just looks like an angry gesture. maybe not that funny but it is for me.

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